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April 24, 2018
Just stumbled on a great tool to get ideas for domain names.They can tell you instantly if the domain is still available.When you click on it, it turns red when the domain name is not available anymore.Fill in the word you want in your domain name, I filled in "work"and in 1.12s 1185 ideas presented!You can find this tool here:Leandomainsearch.comEnjoy finding your perfect domain name!This is a keeper:))
April 22, 2018
Google app 8.0: hints about the future1. Material Design 2 is comingRecently there were rumors about a significant update of Googles Material Design. Later this year, Google Chrome would get a new look with Material Design 2. Google also seems to be preparing a new version of the Google app with these design rules.This new design is still a test and is not yet being rolled out widely.2. Google Assistant will learn nicknamesYou can now find 'Your People' in the Google Assistant settings. The fun
April 19, 2018
Wealthy Affiliate and JaaxyYou all know about the connection for Worlds best affiliate business platform Wealthy Affiliate and top-notch keyword research tool Jaaxy.Your new sign-ups don't know that.So it will come as a surprise to them, when they receive a welcomes message from Jaaxy, even before they get a notification email from Wealthy Affiliate.That can make them step back.So what to do. Take this info not only up into your WA review, but also add it to your sign-up homepage.Create your ow
April 12, 2018
Our cultural storyTraditionally, it is in our genes to conquer. Conquering land, land on water, property, women, conquering thoughts as well. Conquering is in our blood. And that was also necessary in the time when we could not do anything else and it was the only way to survive. We didn't know any better than to go on a warpath against everything and everyone. It meant "surviving".When we saw that a number of things could be different, we exchanged, acted and traded. The economy was born. But
April 11, 2018
I don't know if you have missed this announcement?I DID TOTALLY MISS ITCatch up here! Marion Black OnlineGutenberg - Create a new postGutenberg - Add a headingGutenberg - Add an imageGutenberg - Available blocksGutenberg - Add links to your text and imagesI am so glad, Marion tipped me about this!Within 10 minutes you are up to date, don't let WordPress surprise you with this update, which is coming soon.
April 09, 2018
The discussion is red hotaka #deletefacebookFacebook is spying on you!Like and Share buttonsEvery page you visit with follow, like and share buttons is in the data bases of Facebook. Not only the things you share on Facebook are known. Also every page with buttons on it is registred by Facebook.Facebook pixel buttons(10x enlarged)Beside that, Facebook is going one step further down the line of respecting our privacy. They also offer a FB-pixel - as small as a needle - to companies. They put tha
April 07, 2018
CLOSING UP MONTH 2 TODAYThis month I have managed to write 12 post with a total of 15241 words on my workathomefuture website and 5 posts on my Dutch website with a total of 4749 words.The asignment to make your own banner was awesome, that's my thing, I ♥ it!Surprised myself and a few others;) to attend live chat a couple of times.Site speed and site SSL is working perfect!I got some awesome feedback (Thanks Glenys)Then the commentsWalking slowwwwwlyyy- I have still 5 requests running -
April 04, 2018
Patsy used the credit transfer feature on the dashboard to send over some credits!Thank you ever so much, Patsy !
April 04, 2018
Celebrate the wedding of WA and Jaaxy on your website!Have you thought about rewriting your Jaaxy review? And your WA review?The Jaaxy membership optionsThe Wealthy Affiliate membership optionsYes, you have seen that correctly, WA + Jaaxy lite membership fee is $49And Jaaxy pro membership fee is $49Would I recommend solely Jaaxy nowadays? No!Slightly different but... you get a heck lot more worth for your money when you combine the 2 platforms!Let's get to work!
April 04, 2018
One phone callOne phone call can lead to a new blog!I just called the Dutch Authority Personal Data and ask them if I was permitted to copy their text, translate is into English and share it on my website.And they said YES!I was not allowed to show their logo, and had to credit them as source, but that's not a big problem:)Wordcount 2298The new European privacy legislation in (very) shortYou have the right to look into saved dataYou have the right to be "forgotten"You have the right to tranfer