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December 14, 2017
Providers will soon determine what happens on the internet You visit a website, but it loads very slowly. The alternative loads quickly, because that is from your internet provider. What turns out: your provider gives priority to its own site. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which, among other things, deals with regulations with providers, has agreed to this. The providers are, from now on, allowed to threat web companies and websites the way they want.This means that internet prov
December 13, 2017
It's official now, 3 x 365 = 10953 Years Ambassador for WABut I can not hold this title for long anymore, however I will always be at your service, whether I have this title or not.My rank is going down fast. Since the latest upgrade in September of the ranking system I went down from #4 to #19.Since my first entree at WA I have been here every day, helping and assisting people. That brought me to position #3, which I maintained for 9 months. It isn't enough anymore to keep the Ambassador rank.
December 12, 2017
We have been in the Christmas mode for the last week already, creating all nice things in the daycare. And I will share with you the fun parts to start with ourChicken Wire Christmas TreeChristmas Ornaments Low BudgetCardboard with Christmas decor cloth, beads from the secondhand shop and some wire, and the block box of the children wrapped in Christmas paper with a nice lace.Christmas Side Table PiecesBattery holder glued on the back and ornament on the front, and ivy.CD Tealight CandlesTealig
December 11, 2017
I saw a question today of which not many knew the answer.Usually there was a keyword box displayed under the post, but since an upgrade it disappeared.Go to your DashboardAll in one SEOGeneralScroll downKeyword settingsEnableUpdate optionsAnd there it is againHope this will help:)
December 08, 2017
Stop feeling guilty about things you should have done or things you could have done. Everything has it's own time and place. And everything is always expanding. You can not go backwards.I saw a really great quote, which places everything in a special perspective.# 1st priority of you has to be:I am going to be very, very happyFeel, taste, smell, hear, see your happiness!and when you fully have grabbed those emotions of complete happiness, you can begin the doing part of your life. And you will
December 06, 2017
When I read blogs of people about numbers, or more complaints of people about why there post is not ranking, or is not ranking fast enough, I wonder at what point they are.They have written a great post, and then they start analyzing, and analyzing, and more analyzing....They spend hours and hours looking at the numbers, and it doesn't show anything more as then when they are not looking at those numbers. It doesn't make a difference. The numbers stay the same. And those hours are a waste.The o
December 04, 2017
You can wish all your visitors a happy Holiday and a great 2018 on your header picture.Replace your header temporally for a header with a wish.I used Paint and to add the picture as a layer, I went to Pixlr.comWhen you need to make your image transparent, take a look at my video training
November 29, 2017
Insecure Affiliate linksI just asked a question about insecure affiliate links, and therefor I dived into this matter a bit deeper, and these are my findings.I am affiliated with UnlimitedHealth, a secured company with https. They have there affiliation outsourced at TradeTracker.I make my affiliate links with the link generator of TradeTracker, and they deliver insecure text links.Text link generatorWith as result:You can imagine that I will not sell a thing with this result.Checkup your links
November 28, 2017
Extended Black Friday dealyou still can get infor the incredible low Black Friday price of 299Cyber Monday is extended to Cyber Tuesday and Cyber Wednesday
November 27, 2017
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