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Hello, Wonderful WA family. I hope this finds you well?I'm celebrating this evening. I have just received notification of my first recurring commission from a member here at WA.It feels good when other people can see the value of everything here.The training is awesome, the community are the best on the net all wishing you to succeed genuinely.Since starting here back in March 2020 I have learned so much about working online and writing blog posts for 2 different niches.This commission came fro
Hello Wonderful Family. I hope you are all well as this pandemic continues to rage on.We have had our vaccinations and managed to hop to one of the other Canary Islands just a short ferry ride away.This is going to be a very short post to celebrate the fact that I have reached a milestone of 170 published posts on my blog and 20 completed in drafts.If I published them all I would be very near to 200 posts which is very exciting!I'm absolutely loving this niche and can't wait to wake up and writ
Hello my wonderful WA family I hope this finds you well?I have been on holiday since the 25th of June and I have still been writing blog posts. We have extended our holiday for another week so not going home until 16th of July :-)For the first 4 days here I didn't write any new content just published posts that had already been written.After that, I had to get back to writing as it didn't feel right not to.The image above is how I feel about the content being King!My site is now 7 months old an
Hello my wonderful WA Family, I hope you are all well?When Google does core updates like the one that happened this month a lot of people's sites seem to suffer a lot.However, mine has seen a boost in rankings majoritively. Obviously, some posts have gone down but most of them have gone up.Here are a couple of examples:This first one was written in April 2021.The second one was written in May 2021.I have increased my writing a little since my last post and my stats now look like this for a 6-mo
Hello wonderful WA Family, I hope you are all well and prospering from the Wealthy Affiliate experience?I chose that image for the express purpose of reminding everyone myself included that a 6-month-old blog is still a baby and you should not have expectations that are too high for its age!When the first post went onto the blog on 6th December 2020 I was very excited to be in this new niche and I am even more excited now :-)For the first month, I was quite cautious with my posts and only put o
Hello wonderful supportive family I hope you are all well?One week ago I shared that I had written 286,977 words and I have kept up with writing at least 1 post every day and sometimes 2 a day. Now my word count is Keeping up the momentum helps to keep me motivated to continue through this difficult phase.The words have been written since the start of my time here at WA which is 14 months and they cover 2 websites.I have been trying not to look at my analytics every 5 minutes and I have managed
Hello, my wonderful family. I hope you are well?It's been a day of celebrations today. Neil who is my husband it's his birthday today as well as Kimberley our second daughter her birthday as well.I managed to write a blog post this evening after an afternoon of eating and drinking and that was my 100th post on my new site published.I also have 22 written completely in drafts ready to publish. I'm going on holiday in June for 2 weeks and I may not feel like writing so I'm planning well ahead!My
Hey wonderful Wa family. I hope this finds you well?I woke up yesterday to an email saying I had my 5th referral for April. 10 minutes later he had set up his account and put up money goals. I was feeling confidant that he would be my First Premium Upgrade so a happy day.Today I go to his profile and see another account in his friend's list with the same photo but the account name is what he goes by on his Pinterest account and he has gone premium on that account :-(Has this happened to anybody
April 26, 2021
Hello my wonderful WA family, I hope you are all well?Just a short post today.Looking at the stats for the month of April I suddenly realised I have had 4 referrals this month.As you know my new blog is in the MMO niche and it will be 5 months old on 6th May.I'm super excited by this because it means my blog has TRAFFIC!There are a few posts on the first page of Google already!The blog itself has 85 published posts and 18 more ready to be published in Drafts.I have been busy writing 7 days a w
April 20, 2021
Hello, my wonderful family. I hope you are all well?This is going to be just a short post to let you know about my double whammy today.I checked my emails this morning and saw that I had a new referral and this evening when I had finished another review post I checked my emails again and saw that I have just got my first ever email subscriber! Yay.Things are starting to happen and it's very exciting!!Stay safe and take care of yourselvesLisa :-)