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Hello everyone, I hope you are well?Looking for a bit of advice today, I have built a resource page listing everything I'm an affiliate for to point people to in my blog posts. This way there won't be as many posts on the site with affiliate links in.Now I'm wondering if I should make it a static homepage instead?The build was completed in Generate Press and it's a clean page without sidebar and comments disabled.Which way would you go?Going to leave you with this quote:" You have brains in you
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Family, I hope this finds you well?I have a quick question for you today. Are you using Wealthy Affiliate to get lots of referrals?You may be asking how do I do that?If you have been a member for a while you will know the answer but you may not be utilizing what is available. If you are new you may not how!Every single blog that is written on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform has an affiliate button above the post. Click that and get your referral link. Use that link on you
Hello my Wonderful Family, I hope this finds you well?I see all of the time in here and on Social Media the question " when will I earn money ?" I get it we all need money. But blogging is a long slow burn and it takes time to gain trust with the search engines as well as our visitors.It has been proven that people visit opportunities 5-7 times before making a purchase. Where is your blog in that buying process?I received my 2nd commission on this new site where the first published post was put
Hello Wonderful Family, I hope this finds you all well?I have missed you all.Yes, I did it, I quit my job and now I'm officially a full-time blogger.Now the really hard work begins, I have just been moseying along with writing posts for my new site and doing extensive marketing on Pinterest for free.How am I doing so far?Published the First post on new blog 6th December (youngest Daughters Birthday)Today 27 th February now have 39 published posts completed in 12 weeks and there are 4 more in dr
February 04, 2021
Hello wonderful family, I hope this finds you well?Just a quick update for those that asked me to let them know the outcome of the Health website, I sold it privately.My new blog is continuing to go from strength to strength, It was built on 6th December 2020 and it has 31 published posts and 2 completed drafts ready to publish.Pinterest is still delivering and steadily growing as you can see the first picture is from 15th January 2021 :and the second is from today:I have been pinning manually
Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well?It's been a little while since I have been around on the platform. I have been busy writing and driving traffic to the new site I built. I'm very pleased with the results from Pinterest so far.I'm getting traffic on a daily basis and the site is not 2 months old yet. This is a massive improvement on the first site and gives me a big boost to keep going every day.The old site is just sitting there I haven't added anything to it since December. I was thinking
January 22, 2021
Hello everyone, I hope you are well?When I first went premium I had a goal at the one-year mark 14th March 2021 to have reached 150,000 words as I wasn't much of a writer. Today I completed the goal.This has been accomplished over 2 sites.My new niche is going awesome!! I started it 6 TH December and over 50,000 of the total words are on that site.Have an amazing weekend and stay safe.Lisa:-)
Hello wonderful people, I hope this finds you well?Its FriSatSun again Yay!I put off using Pinterest with my last blog and that was a big mistake. It wasn't because I didn't know how to use it, it was because I'm not arty and thought it would be difficult to design clickable pins.With This new blog, I was determined not to make that mistake again. 4th January I posted these figures:My Figures for today are:How it has changed in just 11 days!My Pinterest account is only 5 weeks old.The key here
Hello wonderful people, I hope this finds you well?When I first went premium in March 2020, I had a very difficult time writing 1000 words in a post. Fast forward to January 2021 just 10 short months later and things are very different.This week alone I have written 2 big posts, 1 with 2913 words which were my longest. to date. Then Today I completed this post with a massive 4044 words not including the affiliate links information :-)It just goes to show if you keep going it gets easier. If y
January 13, 2021
Hello Wonderful WA family, I hope this finds you well?Just a quick post, my new website is exactly 5 weeks old today and I just had an email from an affiliate program to say I just got my first referral worth $15.00.The training here works so make sure to follow it and keep writing consistently.Stay safe and well.Lisa 🥳🌹