Customer Purchase Life Cycle

Last Update: October 23, 2019

Please pardon the Red Sharpie spots (kids!).. But if you aren't content with your sales of late, or maybe you just want to do better... Go Review The Customer Purchase Life Cycle! It's such a good focused read. Take notes even - I definitely did! Don't misconstrue my words, everything else is important too. However, this article (Customer Purchase Life Cycle) is like "Website Traffic" & " Affiliate Link Sales" fell madly in love with each other & had a baby named "Revenue"

And it's so relatable. That article isn't only talking about the people that we are marketing to, or you - it was even talking about me. I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate & I, LeTisha, was in the decision phase. I went to google & typed in "Wealthy Affiliate" & google suggested "review".. I clicked it & sure enough, there was Dale123's review. It got my - hook, line, & sinker!

We can all do that. The same way he did. We just need to remember that we're customers too. What would we do? what would we click? what would you want to read about?

Alright thats enough of that.. I have a website to finish!

Let's do this!

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klchang Premium
Good for you, Letisha.
Glad that you are loving this lesson.
Keep going and all the best.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Yeah!! Let's do this!! May your writing be done with ease!
Aussiemuso Premium
Great thoughts and I will go and have a read.
You have a fun way of writing.

Have a lovely day
Lily 😊