We are what we think

Last Update: March 20, 2019

This morning while doing my meditation, my vision became very clear. Through all my personal development training over the years I have come to realize that our thoughts are real. We are what we think. Kind of like, we are what we eat!

Once a thought comes to mind, it will manifest into reality. Not always a positive thing for some, so we want to have some control.

This idea of manifestation is confusing to some. We are not wizards of course, but we have an immense power to create, good or bad. How we feel about that thought is part of the equation.

If, for instance, we wake up and think what a miserable day it is going to be, then those thoughts and those emotions will lead to an action of manifesting a miserable day.

If, on the other hand, we wake up and think: what a wonderful day I will have today, then those thoughts and those emotions will lead to an action of manifesting a wonderful day.

It sounds so simple, and really, it is that simple. We may choose how we go about in our world. As challenges occur, it is our mindset that plays a huge part in our existence and what we get out of life.

I believe we all have dreams. Just realize that our dreams are simply our goals. Here at WA we are asked what are our money goals.

We pull a number out of the hat and then we expand on that idea, that thought.

If you don't have the dream, how will you know which road to travel. Wandering aimlessly down any old road will not get you anywhere of consequence. You may experience lots of sightseeing, but with no direction, you will never really get anywhere. A map really helps! For many of us, we have a history of traveling without the map. We have tried many programs, online opportunities that never panned out; lots of sightseeing. Now we have an incredible map to follow on our journey to success. The dream can now be reached with focus and hard work. WA provides us with everything we need. We just need to follow the dream, believe and feel our success. It is waiting for us.

Often we still feel lost and confused. We often wonder if we will ever make it. Let me tell you this, YES WE CAN.

Your life has PURPOSE

Your story is IMPORTANT

Your dreams COUNT

You were born to make an IMPACT

I believe this of myself and of all of my WA family. Once we THINK we can do it (SUCCESS), and we FEEL the excitement of it happening, all that is left is ALLOWING the manifestation of our DREAM.

We are all Super Affiliate Producers. Think it. Feel it. Allow it. We are what we think.

Share my vision and have a wonderful day.

Happy In Bubbles

Miss Linda

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DerekMarshal Premium
Absolutely. We are what we think we are.
LKick Premium
Yes we are. When we look at those around us who never seem to get on in life, well, we know why. Just wish we could save them all. I thank you for your comment and for reading my post! Linda
MBartley Premium
Very true Miss Linda. A great post thank you for sharing.

LKick Premium
I am happy you were able to read my thoughts today. Best of luck in your dreams! Linda
lesabre Premium
Hi Miss Linda, I am one of those people that practices meditation. I
totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing
LKick Premium
Meditation really makes a difference in our sanity! Thank you for taking the time to listen. Hope your day is great and I am really happy to see you are back. Linda
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it!
LKick Premium
So happy you enjoyed my thoughts. Wishing you the best in your dreams here at WA. Linda
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks Linda!
Wishing you all the best 🤗