How to Have The Best New Year Ever? 2016

Last Update: December 31, 2015

Proclaim: 2016 Best Wellness Year Ever, Each Day!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Ring the bells of St.Clements, Celebrate! The only time is now! This is it! A big cheer for all of you who placed personal wellness and wellbeing as your priority goal for 2016. Proclaiming, doing or keeping your personal wellness goals on your daily mental radar should be a priority, all other things will fall into place.

I proclaim that 2016 will be typed in the Wire as the turning point year for inner peace and personal wellness, not only in the workplace but also in more homes than ever! This can be the crucial contributing factor to accelerate world peace and environmental awareness gains, which are desperately needed to change the course to impact the current peace coordinates. Peaceful solutions have been overlooked by many but with enough of us knowing and using the 7 laws of peaceful solutions to guide our personal wellness program, success is inevitable.

Peaceful Solution Institue's first Law is "The Law of Unity". Proclaim victory for freedom by pledging to make this year your best wellness year ever. Let us unite and commit online your pledge. Let us make an impact on the lives of others around you. Go ahead and kickstart your Best Wellness Year Ever here. Proclaim it 17 times, pledge it, pronounce it, share it, tell others on the online mountain. Recruit friends, coworkers, acquaintance even followers to join the Best Wellness Year Ever pledge countdown.

Let us do the maths online together.

(1+1= 2 billion peaceful wellbeings.)

Building Capacity

Thank's to Online information literacy training, marketing efforts, and social media, we can now collectively contribute to becoming the critical mass needed to grow and support our personal wellness days together. This is the collective thread that will impact possibilities and opportunities to massively be more creative, be more innovative but more important be more joyous and meaningfully well.

We must unite the clans!

Imagine 2 billion people pledging online to practice personal wellness, this can expand healing opportunities as well as expand Mindfulness possibilities to so many. It can be done, declare 2016 as the best personal wellness year ever! What a better life you will have. Let it begin with you. Let it grow online and in our lives. Spread your inner peace, Share the peace but let it begin now with you. You will not only practice every day on being better and pleasant for those around you but also for yourself.

What a better way to start the new year, than to do a personal baseline data assessment on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We all need to catch up on generating self-love and wellbeing? We all need motivation and nudging along the way? We all need to exercise more. We all need to eat healthily.Let us do it online, together.Let's dedicate our wellness practice to be kinder, be more giving, be more mindful in becoming healthier, wealthier and wiser, than let us proclaim together that 2016 will the be the best wellness and Joyous year ever!

Go ahead and make your pledge in the comment below and share this post to ring in the new year...
Let's ring that bell loud and clear. Happy New Year! 2016

"I pledge to make 2016 my best personal wellness practice year ever!"

Alofa and Have the Best New Year Ever!

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Lizat Premium
Thank you so much, Jude! Happy, Happy, Happy, Shout it out! Boy are we enthusiastical H.A. P.P. Y!...that my New Year cheer for WA!
Alofa Lizat
JudeP Premium
And the same to you and yours for 2016 and beyond :)