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Proclaim: 2016 Best Wellness Year Ever, Each Day!Hear ye, hear ye!Ring the bells of St.Clements, Celebrate! The only time is now! This is it! A big cheer for all of you who placed personal wellness and wellbeing as your priority goal for 2016. Proclaiming, doing or keeping your personal wellness goals on your daily mental radar should be a priority, all other things will fall into place.I proclaim that 2016 will be typed in the Wire as the turning point year for inner peace and personal wellnes
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Please kindly direct me to where I can learn what a blog is? I have posts and pages on my new websites, but I have not found the blog section.If I am creating a blog right now, who is going to view it? Why am I writing one and who is it for?Please, I have poor computer networking skills and would like to know. PS what is a tag and why would i want to add some?Alofa LIzat