I have learned some within first 9 day. How about you?

Last Update: July 21, 2014

Hi guys,

Happy Monday! I am making progress little by little these first 9 days.

First, I believe in that WA is a small company with big ideas.

Second, I have more patience than before because I have confidence that I will making money some day by helping others.

Third, I do not waste my time any more and I am always thinking how to make money by better serving and help others.

Fourth, I am making friends every day and I am learning from them every day.( It is very important for everyone to look over others' profiles to gain some knowledge, thoughts and practicing your skills to do your business.)

Fifth, If you have to, go ahead to ask question. But Don't think This is the only good way to learn. Sometimes, learning by yourself is much faster and easier.

How about you?

Ha...! It is funny that I just learned something that I have to add a minimum 2 tags for publishing this post.

Please share your precious opinions with me and I am looking forward to learning from you too!

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Shawn Martin Premium
Glad you are getting around good here at WA!
I agree there are many new experiences daily here, and I too love when they unfold right before my eyes. :)