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Hi guys, Happy Monday! I am making progress little by little these first 9 days. First, I believe in that WA is a small company with big ideas. Second, I have more patience than before because I have confidence that I will making money some day by helping others. Third, I do not waste my time any more and I am always thinking how to make money by better serving and help others. Fourth, I am making friends every day and I am learning from them every day.( It is very important for eve
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Hi My name is Lisa. I live with my 11 years old boy. I have been a full time coach for my son's education and I am proud that he has always been the best student in math at school so far. I have never done any business before. But I did search for online business from time to time to try if they are real. I lost $1.97 totally since my credit card company helped me to get most of my money back. I don't know if there are lots of scams out there, but I am sure that most of them are dishonest. One