social engagement:niceness is non negotiable

Last Update: August 21, 2017

one of the first things I realize I need to learn is being nice. whether or not I FEEL like it isn't the issue. over the past month ive have to do a serious inventory here and I realize my attitude needs a serious overhaul. theres a definite edginess and snarkiness in my personality which DOES have its place. it lends a lot of creativity and humor to my blogging but when its not checked it often shows that I tend to not handle frustration in a balanced mature way. and I need to pick my battles and ask myself...what am I really angry about? is it really the immediate situation at hand or is it something under the surface that's totally unrelated but is really what im upset about?

I recently read a website that was...SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE AN ATTITUDE PROBLEM and one of the signs was....GETTING EXTREMELY ANGRY WHEN THINGS ARE AMISS. .....OUCH!!!!! I'm 55 years old. ive had enough life experience to realize things not SOMETIMES but FREQUENTLY go wrong. theres certain things that I feel enormous pressure to succeed in and feel very driven to do it. but ive hit rough spots and bumps along the way and its a part of the growing process. I need to keep in mind something very critical. every person I encounter has the potential to help bring my dreams to reality or they can be one of which could be a series of nails in my coffin which will bury it

the same person I display a rotten attitude towards for example in a customer service could be just that theyre very unskilled, or theres no plug for my laptop, or there isn't a parking lot where I want to have lunch.....and out comes the snarky.....this is the very same person who could remember my name or just my face when they happen to come across my website. each person, as I said in a previous blog, has the potential to recommend at least twenty others to check out my webpage or sour twenty others to it. and in todays virtual world that could be the kiss the death. being NICE to others....because THATS how I want to be treated...has the potential to be a dealbreaker here. nobody will have dealings with others if they don't like them.

ive had to get honest and realize ive let the snarky slip out here when my frustration builds. this isn't the place to do it. knowledge and skills pertaining to my niche aren't enough. BEING NICE is a big mark of emotional maturity which will in itself carry me to the finish line.

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Carol46 Premium
Very well described, Lisa :))
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A little patience will go a long way. "Just Go!" Don't Stop