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September 23, 2017
Onto level 5
one of the first things I realize I need to learn is being nice. whether or not I FEEL like it isn't the issue. over the past month ive have to do a serious inventory here and I realize my attitude needs a serious overhaul. theres a definite edginess and snarkiness in my personality which DOES have its place. it lends a lot of creativity and humor to my blogging but when its not checked it often shows that I tend to not handle frustration in a balanced mature way. and I need to pick my battles
August 16, 2017
ive completed course three!!!!!
August 12, 2017
i realize I'm spoiled. If things don't go exactly my way I tend to go on autopilot and pout!!!! The library internet sucks, my laptop needs a new battery, so I've been whining and whinging that I'm stuck right now with having to blog on my site with my Android where copying and pasting is a nightmare. And I see I need a serious attitude adjustment. That forgetful utterly incompetent customer service it on or offline.....with whom my innate snarkiness shines through is someone who'll r
most cafes and restaurants now have free wifi. however that doesn't mean go in there camp out for hours and not spend money. That's very bad form and for those building their online business thru their niche this is something that will come back to bite you go into an establishment and never spend money only to hog their wifi is unbelievably rude. this will create enormous resentment towards you amongst the people that work there and has the potential to create a very bad image for you
July 30, 2017
A step at a time each day, I become more web savvy. In a few years it will no longer be an option. A major success...I received a Gmail informing me that my website is now Google indexed. Time to create a Facebook page.Goals over the next 3-6 month. Get out of debt and be able to reduce the number of hours I'm working to part time. Long term debt free start of travel bucket list a cottage on the beach with my kitty and two maybe three english bull terriers!!!!
being 55, I got in on the tail end of the internet revolution. Understanding the terms I need to be familiar with in properly constructing a website is the equivalent of speaking English and learning Spanish as a new language. Googling terms and surfing the web or asking some kid with who internet technology IS his language to explain sundry tems and he gives me MORE internet speak is like only knowing English and needing an interpreter to translate Spanish into English and....God love him...he
July 17, 2017
here they are. Music and politicsMusic....strong emphasis on alternative, progressive, and metal. Also I want to learn more about MP converters as well as LP converters. Flash drives which will download and preserve multiple albums and encapsule hard to find particular interest is the disappearance of basic understanding of our Constitution and the left vs right wing paradigm in our country.Now to learn how to project my passions into something solvent. I need to learn ab
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