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March 09, 2021
Hello Everyone,I just wanted to say that I've been getting some awesome Site Comments!Thank you for those taking the time to write sincere, intelligent comments and asking engaging questions. It adds so much value to my articles.Have a Wonderful Day!
I completed my OEC training!! Now I can move on to Bootcamp and get to some of the member training that looks so interesting.I always feel like I should have a lot more content by now but I'm just going to celebrate my acheivement tonight and not get bogged down with the could haves and should haves.I'm learning tons and I'm moving forward.Thanks to everyone for your help and encouraging blog posts. I hope to return the positive vibes!Best to everyone,Lisa
September 29, 2020
This was a couple of weeks ago but I just decided to share what it looked like as we were driving out of the thick smoke from the fires N. California towards Truckee and Lake Tahoe near the California/Nevada border. It was such a relief to get out of the smoke!! We had a little break after we returned home but now there are some new fires and the smoke has returned.My heart goes out to anyone who has had to evacuate or has lost people, pets or property to the fires. We need rain so bad, hopeful
Supportive CommunityHere at Wealthy Affiliate we constantly see comments voicing appreciation for our supportive community. I've made many such comments myself and with good reason. There is a positive vibe and helpful spirit coursing through these threads. Today I started thinking about the importance of having a supportive community. My niche is mental health so I always see the mental health angle fairly easily and without even really trying. That angle is not a stretch when talking about th
August 21, 2020
Completed my Level 3 training today... Moving Forward! Onward and UpwardHave a Great Day everyone!
Hi Everyone,I was sitting here replying to a SiteComment and a pop up window, popped up saying my Website has been indexed!It's 2 weeks tomorrow since I published my first post. I was fine not being indexed because I feel like my website needs a lot of work still. The feeling of doing the work and following the training and seeing results is amazing!!I'm so excited for what is more to come. I love researching and writing my articles and I feel like my information is valuable so I want people to
August 15, 2020
There is a hot wind outside today and it is 106 here in my part of California today. We may lose power at some point but for now...It's the perfect day to be inside creating content and that is exactly what I'm doing.A few days ago I was so burnt out from everything I was trying to do here at WA, I just needed a day off from all the thinking!Having that time off really helped and I feel great again, ready to research and make improvements to my content. I went Premium Aug 1st, none of my posts
I'm super excited to have completed my first website post! I've only been Premium for 6 days.When I first started writing it I had a lot of self-doubt creep in. The fact that I have the resources and support here at WA is what helped me keep going. I can't even imagine trying to do this on my own. I'm going to get back into my training and just keep following and stay focused and I know in time I will have a website that is making me money.It may seem silly to some of you who have accomplished