Level 2 : Terminated !

Last Update: April 24, 2019

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with you my sucess ! I finally did it ! Level 2 is done.

I'm proud of myself. It took more time than I think. You know, it was spring break for my 2 kids. We had a lot of playdates and of course less time for me to do my training here at WA.

Plus cleaning, cooking, laundry etc... The usual stuff that we all do. But it's not every day that I congratulate me and i want to make it a habit from now.

My goal is to finish the whole training by June 15th. I'll do my best to reach my goal.

Have a good day

And i wish you great sucess in your online business.

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j52powell Premium
Good step forward. Congratulations.
AlanJE Premium
Good luck on your journey!