Time to renew those positive thoughts.

Last Update: May 01, 2015

It's nearing the middle of the year and time to let go and release all energies thoughts and deeds that do not love, serve, or honor you. All negative, fearful, worrying, regretful or simply anxious behaviors hold you where you have been. Simply bring your attention to this moment, breathe and focus on what is important to you right now, and ensure all your feelings, thoughts words and actions are constantly aligned to where your soul desires to be. When you truly believe in your dreams you can create real magic!

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danbarth87 Premium
so true!
cschlup54 Premium
It is hard to believe a new month is among is and keeping positive is always a plus
hilarybassak Premium Plus
yes that's why I am starting my 21 day vlogging challenge on facebook later on today
filbs71 Premium
here here
Strap Premium
The middle of the year is where motivation traditionally dips as we are now past the relvance of new years resolutions and reviews of previous years results etc. Thanks for the reminder