#3 A Share That is Very Personal

Last Update: May 05, 2020

I didn't know whether to put this in second or third place but I thought that it was more important to started with my learning cures than work into the nitty gritty. I use dumbbells as a metaphor. Because it has become my strength to over come. And move into a supper charged version of a dumbbell.

You see I never had education like most people, I left school in grade 9 when I turned 15teen. I didn't know how to read nor write nor did I have basic mathematics. How did I get to grade 9 I look back and I found that all the teachers did was push me from on grade to another. I never turned in home work because I couldn't and it was much easier to have them think that I was lazy than have them know that I couldn't read. Sure I has basic reading but not reading comprehension. This post will give you a bit of understanding of my disability


What has any of this to do with my leaving WA and all the work I put into my website. You see I came to realize that my story was getting pushed down in my blog roll and with each day that went by my story was getting lost. I didn't know how to correct that and I came to realize to tell my story it needed to be told from beginning to end not from end to beginning. The only way I could accomplish that is taking all my work and putting into a book.

OK that seamed reasonable but I don't know anything about writing a book. But hay all the writing was already there.


Much easier said than done

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Jeffreylong1 Premium
Great post! I can tell you one thing for sure, and that is that your writing skills are beautiful and quite emotional! Not only that, but as I read your post, it spoke volumes to me and I got a little lump in the back of my throat. I'm sure we all have had that feeling before. I would suggest to you that you do write your book and use your site to document your journey. It's a perfect combination! And you can use your skills to create a new website just for your book. Just imagine the possibilities and the outreach you would already have from us members! I too, have thought many times of writing a book about my journey in life, craziness and all and you have inspired me to do to just that. I wish you much wealth and success with your book!

laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Linda,

A tic late, running around like a chicken without a head.
My attention is absorbed by all the things happening in our world. A lot of things I normally do are left behind. Oh, well, you know me.
Being dyslectic one still grows up, you and I are a good example.
Do not forget to ask the question about the URL.

HIGs from the south,

LindaF Premium
Good morning sweet pea, been trying to keep my mind off of world affairs for a bit. The time will come that I will be there in full support. We are indeed good examples, healthy minds.

yes, I did ask the question but it is very strang that I have not gotten any answers. I did that right after I talked to you. That to me is yet another confirmation.

I have seen your comment with Kyles Post, how did that go! Google is making it harder and harder. I can't wrap my head around these changes and I really think this is another reason to not go up against supper websites. I don't have the time nor the patience to mastermind Google.

Always a better way HIG's Linda
laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Linda,

First of all I was not notified you posted a question, did I perhaps miss it?
I have not heard yet from Kyle. I secretly hope he his checking my website from head to toe to then tell me what I can do.

Higs from the south, Taetske
laparra1 Premium
p.s. I looked on your profile and you had 7 questions, the last one is 1 month old.
LindaF Premium
? so what happened to that question. That is a mystery I never thought to look there and you are right. That is where I placed the question, Well I will take it at face value but I did place the question!
RamiSociable Premium
Sounds to me you have finally come to a point in your journey where you just have to tell it as you see it.....which is strange because you have always told it as you see it only the perspective in which you truly do is not getting its prime pride of place and you obviously believe it should and have always believed it to be so.

Keep going always a better way and you'll find it I truly believe that!! ;)

LindaF Premium
You have seen through me Rami (O: This is how WA has helped me. To let go, and find my voice. Intelligence comes in many forms we just need to find it. I always knew it was there but I didn't know how to work with it.

Words are complicated to mean what you say and to say what you mean. I still have a ways to go but I found my voice know I need to fly with it.

Thanks for coming over and help me through this goodby to WA. I have had a wonderful journey here more then you will ever know.

Always a better way Linda
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I have 2 dyslexic daughters. You have come a very long way and I wish you much success.
Kind regards
LindaF Premium
Lisa, I don't believe that Dyslexia is an affliction that can't be corrected. The mind is very powerful and does find pathways to correct the problem only it takes a bit longer. But if we understand it. We can help our loved ones grow in understanding. We just see a bit differently than others. Usually, the Dyslexic mind will have a lot of sensitivities. In my case, it pushed me to my limits. I knew that I had intelligence I just couldn't make it shine. But though WA I was able to break through those barriers. Your girls will be OK
Love Linda
Talk2Ray Premium
It sounds like you have found your passion Linda. I really do hope all the best of success for you in the future..
LindaF Premium
yes, Ray, my passion was to overcome. And this is one of the reasons I needed to make my story clear why I am leaving WA and the next share will be the why. If Wa has been so good to me then why am I leaving and why am I closing down my website. This might be a bit hard to understand.