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Ambassador for a very short whileHi every one I want to share with you a bit about my ranking as you can see helper, creator and activity. The peaks are very predominant since coming back over an extended amount of time. But as a member these peaks are not as predominant because I was present but not very active.Now it's time to say Good byeAs all of you know I am leaving the platform so why all this kutufull to reach Ambassador when in a very short time I will disappear from the ranking Bars.
May 14, 2020
Ambassador or NotI have been debating to post this now or wait so I don't count my eggs before they hatch!As you all now by now I am leaving this month and I took my website down !gone! Like one member commented it must have been very hard to do that. "Yes!" it was because I did a lot of work there and I was very proud of what I did. But my consolation is that it is all in my book.So now I had a lot of time on my hand and thought I would give a good explanation on !WHY!When I finished my book a
May 13, 2020
I would like to make mention that there are some that think that writing here on Posts is all about our success storys at WA. Although they are very empowering to help other move along and uplift your spirits and also help with great tips on how to do it. All these have great value. But I could like to make note that there are a few that think writing about our personal lives is something very similar to FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social Media sites, and Is irrelevant to this platform.T
I have deleted my website Always a Beter Way doesn't exist anymore. So I am not worried that I will be called out for the content of this post, because, I am not promoting my website. Just sharing a bit of knowledge.I came across a post from Heidi she has a way of writing that captivates you. "Called" How full are your buckets? elementary Schools in our community are teaches this precept to the children. Using child language,
The world is in a spin are you spinning out of control are you with it or against it? How do we define spin, I am listened to my wash machine it goes back and forth to get the cloths clean it needs to rub against the other clothing so that the material will release the dirt that is pushed into the fabric, much like in another times, when used wash boards. Or hand scrubbed. Then the wash goes into a rinse cycle rotating in one direction, spinning and extract the water so as the dryer will dry t
I concentrated on work on my website, but I ran across a few blocks in the road. After writing my book, I thought I would keep going. One member came up with the idea to use snip its to in hence my work and place the book on my website. I always keep my site up to date I hadn't fallen back on that. But I found that I wasn't writing there anymore and I keep wounding why. I thought of many ways to keep going. They just didn't seem to be right.I had to run through each of these questions. All my
I didn't know whether to put this in second or third place but I thought that it was more important to started with my learning cures than work into the nitty gritty. I use dumbbells as a metaphor. Because it has become my strength to over come. And move into a supper charged version of a dumbbell.You see I never had education like most people, I left school in grade 9 when I turned 15teen. I didn't know how to read nor write nor did I have basic mathematics. How did I get to grade 9 I look ba
As I said in the first post I would like to share with you some things that WA was very special to my personal growth but in order to do that I would like to take you back in time. do I go back to these posts because they are part of my growth here
I will be posting in the month of May a few short posts because My time here at WA has come to an end and I would like the share with you all the benefits that WA given me and how it impacted my life. My reasons for leaving are personal and has nothing to do with Kyle most resent post for those that haven't read it here it is It is very clear and straight forward. I know there will be many changes, that will take you into the fut
April 22, 2020
It just about 2 in the morning, I was having weird dreams, and it woke me up, now I have lost my sleep. I guess with all that is happening, the mind does crazy things. Our world has gone upside down. Our friend Lapara wrote about 5G a wail back, but I haven't heard much on the subject since here at WA. We have been following it very closely, and there has been talked about how 5G correlates with this virus. I hear a lot of our fellow members talk about the Coronavirus, but nobody has made ment