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Last Update: Jun 14, 2012


Hi again everyone. I have a background that I like for my site now, and I thought I had moved all my pages to show on the right. I added a new page and it showed up on the top and on the side, not sure how to fix that. I did look at the training on widgets, but it didn't show how to move things from the top. I would like my blog to show as a page, as I'm going through treatments for IBS in a logical order, unsure of how to do that. Should I put my pages in as recent posts so the side bar does't get too cluttered? Its also showing my home and about me pages below my new page and that is definitely not what I want. I also need to find the training for connecting my recommendations to my affiliate site. Page one will go through click bank and the other are independents. I would prefer that viewers just click onto them in the article instead of having tons of ads running all over the place.My site is called, any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Linda

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See if this might help you with your menu issue.

thanks. that was just what I have been looking for for months. Now I can fix my menu/sites up. thanks for the link Labman

Make sure you thank Christian by liking the tutorial. (Sielke)

had the same problems...i solved it with a premium theme (thesis). I learned about this theme from Jay, our wabinar dude....hope that helps

well i dont even know how to wright articles but then i saw some samples for me to make my guide to follow.

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