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Hey everyone! I'm Lina, out of Virginia but a true home grown New Yorker at best. I've been a tad of an addict to IM since '07 but never took action until a few months ago. It feels awesome to finally act instead of just learning. When I was serving in the Army overseas, I would get online and look for ways I could make bank and not worry about having to need a job after I got out of the Army. I spent money left and right on all types of programs and memberships but didn't WORK at it. I bought into the fancy "make money now" scenarios. Now, it's a different story and I'm ready and prepared to apply patience and commitment to seriously generating an income online. Whatever it takes.

Hopefully I get to meet all of you. I am open to conversation and making friends. Much success to all you!
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Welcome to WA
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Welcome to the WA family
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Thanks Old Mizer. Much Appreciated and yes, I do plan to explore as much as possible.
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Welcome to WA Lina and the great community that exists here. This is the best place to learn online marketing and all the tools you'll need are here. Being a member you have access to all of them. Along with the best part of this site, ...the Forum. Welcome to the Family.
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Brand new and ready to soak it all up!