Entrepreneur Mindset - 10 Tips To Success

Last Update: May 19, 2019

For many years, I've always thought I had an Entrepreneur Mindset. It was my intuition and because of a couple of my family members who owned their own small businesses, such as a hair salon and a small restaurant, I notice they had a passion that was driving them. So recently, I decided to move forward with my own home business.

I will be sharing 10 tips to success below.

  1. Good Health - Entrepreneurs seem to never be sick because they can't afford to. They eliminate from their minds all jealousy, anger and envy. They positive and creative and obsessed with problem solving. The live a life of loving what they do and doing what they love
  2. Focus - They keep their focus on their passion which is main game in spite of distractions and get hhe job done.
  3. Commitment - Entrepreneurs see thing through in spite of disappoints as if their spirit is interlocking with a sense of destiny.
  4. Destiny-They follow their intuition of making a difference for good which means they craft their destiny and are driven to take control of their own future. A life of significance embarking on a never ending journey to be their best and greatest influence.
  5. Make It Happen- Entrepreneurs take action, they are decision makers and not afraid of making wrong decisions and know it's necessary to find he right path.
  6. Keeping It Real- The reality is an entrepreneur is obsessed with truth which they are straightforward and honest in their dealings and expect others to do the same. But In the " Get Rich Quick" world, this is not in an entrepreneur vocabulary.
  7. Leadership - Function is important. They choose a healthy self-esteem and achieve their own internal measures of success. The very core of an entrepreneurs' leadership is about decision-making and problem solving
  8. Never Give Up - Entrepreneurs use their faith. They see failure as learning and they are persistent.
  9. Opportunity - Entrepreneur opportunity is one that they are uniquely resourced to provide a solution to a need.
  10. Risk - Entrepreneur live with a purpose and take a chance. If they don't take a chance, they want know what he/she could have become. The have coping abilities and ability to accommodate.

Do you have any of these characteristics?

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LethaK1 Premium
You're welcome Mel
McWord Premium
Every point you made can be applied to those of us who are building businesses. Anyone who offers a product or service to others is an entrepreneur. They are also business owners!

Very nice post. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

All the best,

LethaK1 Premium
MelWaller Premium
Great List, Thanks!