The Big Question

Last Update: March 03, 2020

A Crisis of Confidence?

I have often considered the big questions. Why are we here? From where did we come? What is my life purpose? What has that got to do with affiliate marketing? I shall try to explain.

I got hurt at work in 2010. By 2014, I had to leave work because of it. By 2016, I was divorced and then completely on my own and starting again at the age of 55, permanently disabled, with few opportunities to get out of the hole.

In 2017, I started re-educating myself. Now in my third year of Undergraduate BSc. Computing & IT with the Open University. At the same time, I learned to code to create dynamic websites, create videos and manipulate graphics. The intention was to become a web developer.

In 2019, I started to question the course I was on. I love building websites, but the problem is, I am one of the millions out there globally. To rely solely on this to get me out of that hole might not be sustainable as the income could be sporadic.

Self-reflection was not a crisis of confidence; it was a genuine thought that crossed my mind as I was shaving one morning. I looked old. Would I spend thousands developing my web presence with this old guy? I had to admit to myself. No, I would not.

I am a great lover of the Gaiam channel, an enthusiastic consumer of alternative histories and self-empowerment. I tell you this, so you understand my mind is always open to new ideas. We all want to make our lives better: how can I help with that and make money at the same time?

Over the years online, I have come across the likes of Russell Brunson and his potato gun. What put me off? The upsells or the price of the mastermind courses. It seemed exploitative to me and rather explored the services channel.

Completely by chance two days ago, I spotted Wealthy Affiliate in a search result. I clicked the link and saw the community. Wow! I then discovered the cost of the premium membership. Sold, affiliate marketing here I come.

The big question now was, what can I do with all of my practical knowledge and resources? The coding languages, design software, hosting, domains? I revisited a simple diagram to help with brainstorming: the four circles. It helped me formulate a plan.

It is obvious to me now. I will help people with free and valuable information linking to optional affiliate resources. I still get to use everything I have learned, learn affiliate commissions, and as an aside, possibly some development commissions along the way.

They say, “when the time is right, the teacher will come along.” Perhaps I have found them in the form of Kyle, Carson and all of you on Wealthy Affiliate. The big question? Answered!

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You have done well re-building yourself, Les, and I salute you, my friend! You have just found your avenue for a new and even better success!

lesjfletcher Premium
Thank you for your nice comment, I think you are right, I got up this morning with enthusiasm. Be careful on that roof of yours, I hate heights too. Have a great day.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thanks, I was successful, Les--lost a few pounds sweating bullets though 😜I still have more to do up there on another day!