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Last Update: March 07, 2020

Hello WAdventurers,

I as I am as old as time itself, well almost, I thought I might share with you WA luminaries two inexplicable "talents" which seemed to have come out of nowhere.

Trying To Impress For Love

After returning to the UK, I was working for the Civil Service when I met a fiery red-headed girl, Rhiannon, (who I fell head of heels in love with). She was an enthusiastic Amateur Dramatic Actress but had a secret ambition to become a singer. No problem I said!

As a kid, I studied Bb Clarinet, Saxophone and Classical Guitar. How hard could it be? Six months later, the Les & Rhiannon Duo were inflicting themselves on audiences all over East Anglia and England.

A Shot In The Dark

About seven years earlier, in my station base in Trenchard Barracks, Celle, West Germany; in a 30-meter indoor Cine-Target Training Theater, I formed a rock band called Shot in the Dark with some of the guys. One of those guys, Ray, never played a note in his life.

Wind on thirty years, I caught up with Ray who I helped learn the Bass Guitar. He had spent over a decade with a band called the Chalfonts, as their bassist, who worked around the UK. He emailed me out of the blue after finding me on Facebook.

All Wright At The Back

Between 1985 and 1993 I was a professional entertainer called Jim Wright (working the UK and Sweden). I was forced to give it up after two knee operations laid me up for a long time. I was moderately successful warming up for the New Ivy League and playing prestigious venues all over the country.


So what has this got to do with "streams" "affiliate marketing" or the "WA". Let me tell you my theory dear readers.

Neither of my parents had a musical bone in their bodies, nor the extended family anywhere. Yet I am multi-instrumentalist, I was a singer and have a Licentiate with the Royal School of Music. Where did the music ability come from? DNA?

Teaching, I seem to be a natural instructor or teacher. What did that come from? I seem to be able to absorb information quite easily, yet my parents struggled with change. I certainly was not encouraged to do anything other than get a normal job and work at that until I retire.

Streams of Information

I have noticed many posts and comments talking about worries succeeding in a field that is alien to them, or where they feel age might be an issue. Try singing in front of 5000 people in a crowded Ex-Miners Social Club in the North East of England, (an entertainers graveyard for many), for an alien environment!

I believe if you have an "intention," you "visualise" yourself as a successful affiliate marketer, you commit yourself to learn the steps needed by way of goals, then I believe you will tap into streams of information automatically. This can be the only way an awkward teenager can excel and become talented to such a degree that difficult examinations seemed obvious to them.

Faith, Belief, Manifestation or Attraction?

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napolean Hill said after researching the most successful millionaires and business leaders of his time. How? Whatever Richard Branson turned his mind to, he creates a successful Virgin business out of. Why?

There is a great TED talk that emphasises what I am talking about where, if you already see yourself as being successful at something; to the extent of "faking it" in the beginning. In the end you become the very person you envisaged.

Fake It Until You Make It, Or Become It - Amy Cuddy

(Be patient, the first two-thirds of the video might not seem to be relavent, if you watch it, watch it all to get the point).

And Finally

Believing you are a singer, a guitarist, an affiliate marketer at the beginning, to the degree of being able to emotionally feel the success you aspire to; providing you set the goals, do the work, study, or training required, you can be the best; or at least, be very successful in your intention to be what you aspired to be.

Is it Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Streams of Consciousness or Prayer; I have no idea, all I know is that, at times in my life, I have several successful mini-careers out of something I did not seem to have any background in, (much to the bewilderment of those around me). I am sure if you think about it, the same things have happened to you, or a prayer has been answered in your life. Or, if not, perhaps I sincerely hope it will now.

When you think about many successful people have come from nowhere to being at the top of their field. Henry Ford was an uneducated mechanic, Albert Einstien, a Patent Clerk, Elvis Presley a dirt-poor delivery Driver. Richard Branson is Dyslexic.

Will this, whatever it is, work for Affiliate Marketing? Why not! Let's make WA a "streaming service" towards success. No more doubts, you got this!

To the very best in your WA endeavours :)

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SAWalden Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post! A very timely message to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams.

Each of us ARE accomplishing exactly what we envision ourselves to accomplish!

We can use that energy to reach our goals or we can use that same energy to remain complacent and stagnant feeding the mindset "if I were____ then I'll be successful".

Thought Become Things!

Have a great weekend!
lesjfletcher Premium
Thanks Susan, very true; we just need to make sure we have the right thoughts.

Enjoy your weekend too.

LawrenceHill Premium
Great post

Believe and you will achieve..
lesjfletcher Premium
Thanks Lawrence