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Last Update: June 30, 2014

The past couple days have been very beneficial to me. You hear the importance about networking but when you just start out in an industry it can be hard to get your foot through the door.

In the last two days I've met two people, one who's been with WA and has learned a great deal. Another who run's a successful Google+ community.

Both contacts have opened doors to me, not only with opportunities but with knowledge as well.

Basically my advice to anyone reading this.. TAKE A LEAP AND SAY HI to someone in either your google+ communities, your followers on social networks..etc. You never know what you can learn and the benefits you get from making these connections.

It never hurts to meet someone like minded and brainstorm together.

At the core of any connections I've made, is WA because in all those connections, we all experienced a moment of ahhh for WA.

So thank you WA community, Kyle & Carson for giving me the knowledge and confidence in myself and my work.

Best of luck guys

Lera :)

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lgolden Premium
Thank you for the advice.
BusyGirl Premium
I want to build my g+ network.... can I add you?
RKSiganisucu Premium
Yeah, sure.
Berny W Premium
Interaction and networking is certainly the way to go Lera.
lerahabib Premium
They are Berny :)
Rick Jantz Premium
Hi. I always think that we need to interact in social media the way we do here at WA. Just think of the power that brings. Thanks for raising this and all the best to you.
lerahabib Premium
Hey Rick, your right if we interacted in social media the way we do here, we would all gain many benefits, not to mention the awesome people you meet along the way :)