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Last Update: April 04, 2015

Hello everyone!

You have come so far with your training here at welthy affiliate. I want to ask you an honest to goodness question...

1. How are you doing with your website development?

2. Were you able to cope up with the lessons/training?

3. What were the difficulties you are facing?

4. Were you able to follow the task for each lesson?

5. and most importantly, this is the ultimate goal of each one, I the question is, Are you earning income online?

All of us might be wondering if we are going on the right path, please don't get me wrong, i just want to encourage you to go on with wealthy affiliates training. As we become more acquainted with the members here at WA, I want to get an assessment on how are you earning so far, then look for ways to help each one to be successfull in each of his chosen niche.

Please give your honest comment so that this will bring inspiration to all of us...remember, those who are behind us look up on us, and we in turn look up to those ahead of us...regardless of where your status is, i believe what you will tell will be a blessing to each is available to those in need and encouragement and recognition to those who have accomplished something.

I just thought of giving a little testimony on my accomplishment thus far,

Here's my own personal testimony.

I have started with WA when i stumbled upon a review, i don't know whose review was that but it was about the comparison of WA to another enticing online income earning website. I was so convinced by the way WA was presented and the 10 training course available for free caught my attention. I took the opportunity to learn online entrepreneurship.

Eventually, I came across the building my own website for free using siterubix. After choosing the right niche. I enjoyed doing that, but after creating the website, I have learned that I have to feed my website with more relevant content, so, i look for ways to improve my skills which then i found the Street articles. This is a website related to WA that will help you develope your writing skills. I joied there and I wrote more articles. It is really for beginners who wants to improve creating quality content. There is also a 30 day challenge, where I have to complete 30 articles in 30 days. That was tough and i took the challenge, the good news is, I did not make it, but i learned the skills until i got a good author ranking at street articles. There, I was allowed to create a link to a two relevant articles outside of street articles therefore, my 2 free website became the good venue to link my artcles. This is another hardwork but it's more rewarding. Made me organize my thoughts on creating relevant article and this time it should be 3. One from Street articles and two for my website to do the linking.

After few months, I got message that My free membership is expiring and I need to upgrade to premium otherwise, i will not be able to access my 2 websites. I did not avail the premium membership because I have a very little budget to spend and I am in a deep financial struggle. It took me one year to decide. I lost my website and i thought all the efforts are gone. I send the message to Kyle that i will not be able to pay the premium but I am interested to continue my training at WA, he replied that whenever i decide to become a premium member, my website will be restored and it will be migrated to a personal owned domain. Siterubix will be gone. After a year, I finally got into premium members and was able to continue where I stopped with all the post i have published. I gained more benefits as a premium member and I realized that there are more valuable training materials I gained.

So far, I am enjoying my training and website development. I spend much time now with the development of my website creating more relevant content. My website is getting good traffic and it's more fun doing it. It's like a baby being cuddled, i want every content to be much much more beneficial to the reader so that they will be coming back.

Each stage of the lesson is new and I am learning a lot, i did came back from the beginning and its worth the wait, in parallel, I am also going back to my old post and revising it with the incorporation of relevant keywords.

The task are simple and straightforward. Always repeating the lessons whenever I am stuck into something.

Income? not yet, I am more concerned with content development rather than earning at this stage, but eventually I am considering to earn more in the near future." My website is starting to hit and gaining income from google adsense. I am trying new things with affiliate marketing and still learning new things. To all who have connected with me, my sincere thanks, I hope we can all work together and build each one.

Hope you will do the same and give out your comments here...let's give it a try please

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Apeng Premium
I was of da impression that the free membership don't expire!
danbarth87 Premium
What a great idea this post is!
1. How are you doing with your website development?
Quite well! Have a good number of websites running with fully loaded content!
2. Were you able to cope up with the lessons/training?
Yes, though I have been doing this long before I found Wealthy Affiliate.
3. What were the difficulties you are facing?
I didn't have difficulties just because I learned most of what I found on Wealthy Affiliate over the past few years. It was AMAZING to me that all of this incredible information was all in one place. Just wished I learned it all on here instead of over such a long period of time.
4. Were you able to follow the task for each lesson?
5. Are you earning income online?
YES! I have been earning a full time living online for almost 3 years now. The key for me has always been hard work. I can't stand when people pretend there is an easy way. You work hard, you write content when you don't want to, you make new websites and always press forward.

Thanks again for this post!!
Leonardo2 Premium
great! Thanks for the comment and I believe this will encourage all of us here with your testimonies!

Cheers danbarth87!