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Last Update: April 14, 2020

Well, here it is, weather that speaks of summer, here on the west coast of Canada. Lawns have been mowed a couple times, and are still green. Garden beds are built, and will be loaded with garden soil this weekend.

Bring on Summer.

Wait. Summer wear. Where are my summer clothes? Went searching, and low and behold, seems I have added a pound or two over the winter!!

Or three!

Time for a wealthy diet the way I am used to. Separate fats and carbs each meal and snack. Make sure carb meals are no more than 45g net carbs, and less than 5 g fat. Make sure fat laden meals are healthy fats, and carb count is bleow 10g carbs. Not so many fruits [like these].

And pace my eating by at least 3 hours from the last bite to the next bite.

Just needing to be mindful, and as its the last day of Unleavened Bread beginning tonight, according to my calculations, it should be easy enough to get my mind back on track.

No more of this:

And more of this:


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42Louise Premium
Mouth watering pics. Mmmm

All the best with your new eating plan!

LeonaOnline Premium
thanks, the pie was delish. The greens? well, takes a bit to get back into the swing of eating healthy, I will admit :)
Mick18 Premium
Same here. I've put on a few pounds since being in for the winter and now on lockdown.
Take care,
Cheenzie Premium
Lol yes I've added a couple of pounds as well. Being isolated means a lot more movement as well. So yes, we have to be even more mindful!
LeonaOnline Premium
yup, less movement, although today I did put in a couple hours in the "big garden" weeding pea plants and prepping the ground for more pea plants. Mindfully eating today for sure.
Cheenzie Premium
Good job! We definitely need to make a very extended effort these days.