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Last Update: March 23, 2016

I read an interesting article the other day from Neil Patel that talks about what great content will probably look like in the future.

Don't worry, written content isn't going to be suddenly replaced by video overnight, but there are a few things to consider when writing that will help us to future proof our businesses.

I'm happy to say that most of what Neil talks about, is what's taught here at WA, either in the certification course, bootcamp, or Jay's live training videos with a couple of additions.

Here are the main points from the article;

#1 Visitor control

One of the most frequently asked questions I see here at WA has to be "how long should my content be?".

Some say 2,000 words plus, others say just enough to get your point across.

The answer in the not too distant future may be to give our readers the option of both and allow them to decide.

#2 Back up what you say

Let's say you're writing an article about how many people fail when trying to start an online business.

Rather than simply stating that on average, 90% fail and expect people to simply take your word for it, you'll need to back it up with facts by linking to authorities that have actually carried out the surveys and obtained the data.

3# Get specific and be the best

The premise of what's taught here at WA. As more people get involved with selling products and marketing online, the more noise there will be so you'll have to stand out if you've any chance of being heard.

How do you do this?

Build your website around something specific and master it. Don't try to be a "Jack of all trades".

You can always diversify your niche site further down the road.

#4 Quality over quantity

Pumping out an article a day is great if you have the time to dedicate to it and can make the post the best it could possibly be.

If you're churning out content on a daily basis just for the sake of doing so, then now is the time to slow down and rethink your strategy.

You'll see much better results both now, and in the months and years to come if you write 3 high quality, in-depth posts per week, as opposed to 7 low-quality ones that don't really help the reader achieve anything.

5# Original research

Once everyone begins to realise the importance of #2 on the list (backing up what you say), and everyone begins quoting and linking to the same sources, the whole thing will start to carry less weight.

How do we overcome this?

By carrying out our own original research that no one else has access to. This could be done in a variety of ways such as:

  • Survey your target audience
  • Work with a data collecting business that needs publicity.

6# Website design

If everyone is banging on about the same thing then what's going to make your audience decide to listen to you over one of your competitors?

Well, a good looking site may begin to play a larger role in the future.

You can read the full article for yourself here;

Let me know what you agree with and more importantly, what you don't.

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Ericabried Premium
Neil Patel's article is very interesting and you have brought across the main points very well - I totally agree and think that quality content supported by original research is becoming more important. I often find that when I try and trace an original source for a statement made by a blogger that I just get referred to another blogger who refers to another blogger ...... and often the original source is hard to find.
LeeRaybould Premium
I know the feeling Erica.

As someone who was reading the article, I would want the original source of the data, not a link to another website who's simply quoted the same thing.

I've been guilty of linking to other third party sites in the past but this has made me re-think things.
greenbrierwv Premium
Lee---some great, great suggestions and observations here! I learned a lot by reading your post. You make some excellent points that are practical and worth implementing. Thanks for sharing this!
LeeRaybould Premium
No problem Jonathan, I'm glad you were able to take something away from it.