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Last Update: December 25, 2015

How Long Until I Earn Some Money?

This is probably the most common question wondered about by new online marketers. Why else would most of us have gone so deeply into our online businesses other than to make some precious income. It certainly was my intent.

However I have been around long enough, and tried enough other programs to know that there is no fast road to success. Not true lasting success. It comes to us after much toil and sweat. So if you were sponsored off of one of my sites and are not ready to work at this, then please drop out now. I don't want your losses, whether time or money, on my conscience.

Now, let's focus on those who already realize that there is NO CREDIT AT THE COUNTER OF SUCCESS! Even worse, you have to PAY IN ADVANCE!! That's right. You have to do the work.

Effort = Results Just effort? It takes effort, perseverance, study, planning, And if it is at all possible, find a MENTOR. Someone who has gone before you and been successful. Study successful people through a microscopic lens. What do they eat? What do they do for leisure? What do they read? How much time is spent on real work projects. (not just the stuff we like to do).

You can manufacture your own good luck! Be patient. Work and study hard. Imitate your mentors.

Now folks, I could write more, but it is Christmas morning, and this is my present to you.

Some good sound advice to help you towards your own successes.

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ricardo1 Premium
David, great post. I too have been asked, how long. Well it took me 3 months, to write 10 posts/blogs to make my first $8.00 sale. It took that much time to build my foundation. Now I lay my bricks(money).
BobBrooks Premium
Thanks for the post, really like the straight forward approach. It does take work and many are not ready to do that.
Stay strong
AriefWibowo Premium
Thank you for this. Pay in advance for sure.
And yes, you have to find a mentor and WA has a lot of them.