First Year Anniversary On My Blog

Last Update: August 15, 2014

On September 8, 2014 will mark my first anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate. With that, I have come a long way with my blog/website that I am very proud in promoting. Thus far, I have approximately forty three articles on my site which I try to do once a week.

As far as traffic goes, I like it to be better. However, as it is still quite new in the world-wide web, I am sure it will get even better as time goes on. I like to add that I could not have done it without the help of the training I get here. There's still a lot of training I had not covered but will someday when I have more time.

Please check out my website at and see what I have done to it in a years time. If you "like" me through Facebook through my website, leave a comment with your Facebook address and I will return the favor. Thanks and God Bless to all of the Wealthy Affiliate members! Lisa

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Sui_generis Premium
Lisa, your site looks great. It takes time to build a business. You're doing well. Just keep it up.
BIS Premium
Well done for producing such a comprehensive site. You have obviously done a lot of work on it.

Two things occurred to me when I looked at your site.
1. Font size is too small. I really think you should consider increasing the size I had a look at a lot of your pages and found them quite difficult to read. I don't know whether it is the font or you have italics on all the time - but personally I don't think it's a great idea. However, see if anyone else comments before you jump in and change anything.

2. Use of keywords. - Looking at your blog posts, I couldn't easily pick up that you were following the WA suggestion that you use a keyword in the title and in the first paragraph. (I could be wrong - but it's not obvious). This could be having an impact on your traffic.

Hope that helps:) Beverley