Rank Means Something

Last Update: April 16, 2020

Feeling on top of the world. New accomplishment badge earned.

The Rank Badge.

I officially hit the top 200 rank today, 2 1/2 months ahead of target.

Of course, many people will say rank means nothing and they are within their right. The fact is my WA tasks (checklist) take me between 2 and 3 hours a day currently. Time I could and probably should be spending on my website content.

But in my justification, I believe building a solid base of people around me in WA will seriously help me in the future. Therefore, I am happy splitting my time (at the moment) equally between WA and content, especially considering I'm still learning and not expecting to be earning until the end of the year at least. I have not set any financial targets yet!

Proud as Punch! - But now going away to produce some content!

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StephenThiam Premium
From your to-do-checklists is not an easy task to accomplish. You deserved the ranking. Congratulation to you. Although I am not particular about the ranking because I know my limit. But I can see some top rank seniors are very busy helping to answer newbie questions, we should give them our respect. The same will go to you. I know WA will not simply give you a high ranking. Do your best I will support you.
LawrenceHill Premium
Thank you Stephen.

You are so right, I certainly would not have achieved the ranking without the checklists. They keep me organised and focused!
MElumir Premium
Congratulations buddy, You are now in the line of the most active people in wealthy affiliate. this is a great responsibility. I know every one of us wants to be on top of this community. But, this takes time to maintain. it is really hard to maintain our rank.

keep up keep inspiring others by welcoming them in this community.
LawrenceHill Premium
Thank you.

Yes .. I'm sure maintaining the rank is probably going to be harder than getting there. Plenty of people (as we inspire them) will want to climb above us.
BandulaD Premium
Congratulations. Resonating with WA community does matter because it is a response from the heart as opposed to the response of the mind which is in constant search of security and the self. The bottom line may be the ultimate goal of the mind but the heart contributes to the creation of good content. Creativity springs from the heart and balance are the key to success.
Goodmorning everyone!to all members of WA.first I just to say thank you to the WA creators and community!to be honest,it has been my real life story about searching more online jobs,because of crisis like now the coronavirus will attack.I think its 11times the WA.lastly I search is the paidonlinejobwriting,while Im reading until the end the wealthyaffiliate will pup ups.oh amazing!Its GOD watched me.what I need thank you sir Kyle...God Bless You Always...
Ok sir thank u.but some I cannot understand how?
ChrystopherJ Premium Plus
Congratulations :-) I have literally just posted my one month blog mentioning how I’ve made it to the Top 300, and that it doesn’t really mean anything. The caveat to that, is yes, it obviously does mean something :-) It shows the value that you bring to this community, as you only really move up, when people like your responses and answers. So yes, a well done is highly deserved :-) In my case though, I wasn’t aiming for it :-) Not yet anyway :-) I’m just enjoying being here :-)