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Last Update: Apr 15, 2020

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Yep.. I'm going to give out my checklists, for anybody that is interested!

If anything, this post will spell it out to any newbies that affiliate marketing is certainly not a get rich scheme. There is a lot of effort that needs to go into building this business.

I'd be interested to hear from experienced experts out there if they believe I am missing anything or doing too much etc.

Note: The Social media examples are the current platofrms I use. I do intened to expand to fuirther platforms (more work) at a later date.

Daily Checklist

Designed to keep me on top of my sites, on top of my marketing strategy and on top of my WA activity. Yes I know WA rank doesn't really mean anything in regards to the big business pitcure, but I aim to get a community around me that will be able to help when I hit hard times. There will be some.

General To-Do List

I use this template on a weekly basis with a week ending date. One per site and one for WA tasks (such as WA bloigs) and one for my business overall (i.e. submitting tax returns). Anything I do not achieve, I simply move onto the next weeks sheet.

Research and Write List

Stole a lot of this (and the next one) from megastudios. Basically what to do from start to finish for writing your articles

Publish and Market List

Finally bits to get your article on the web and then make sure that it gets initial readers etc.

Review List

Always worth returning to your articles on a regular basis , to make sure they are still up-to-date , to check affiliate links are still live and to add any little extras to boost rankings etc.

As i've said, feedback is very welcome. If anybody wants copies of these , I'm quite happy to put them in google doc format and share etc.

Enjoy and Stay Safe!

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For anybody who wants to know how I printed them out, here it is. It requires Microsoft Word, but I'm sure you could do something similar in any word processing program.

I right-clicked the checklist I wanted to print and chose "Copy Image"

I opened a blank document in Word and pasted it in.

I clicked on it to get image options and clicked one of the ones that lets the image go over or under the text so that the margins would not matter, and then I clicked "Fix Position On Page"

I grabbed the corners of the picture to make it bigger. The options I had chosen allowed me to make the image bigger than the page so that the checklist filled the page.

I clicked out of the picture on the blank space off the page to fix the position on the page,

Then when I printed the page the checklist filled the whole page and the writing was big enough for these old eyes to see, lol

I hope this helps somebody too.

Thank you Lisa,

I have now posted shareable google doc versions within this thread .

Good Luck

Well that's even better, Lawrence! THANKS!!

Thank you Lawrence, I would LOVE to have all these Checklist. Please share them with me.

Hi Cynthia

I have now posted shareable google doc versions within this thread .

Good Luck

Wow, Thanks Lawrence for sharing your Check Lists.🤣

Got it!!

Please do send them or post them, very useful tools. If you need an email addy to send them to let me know. Thank you for the post

Hi Jon,

I have now posted shareable google doc versions within this thread .

Good Luck

ok thank you

Now I know I have a long list of jobs. Thanks for sharing the files with me. It is useful to remind me of the uncompleted appointment.

Your welcome Stephen

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