Epiphany ?

Last Update: December 16, 2015

Certainly not !

Though after hours of deliberating the feeling comes quite close. Relief perhaps. A journey of one thousand... you know the phrase, well... I'm on the second step.

Almost 12 months ago when I happened upon WA I excitedly grabbed it with both hands. Initially (whilst the kids were in England visiting their mum at Christmas), I chipped away, deciding to commence the bootcamp to learn the ropes.

The next 12 months were, well, bedlam ! Relocating to England from 'the shire' (Ayrshire Scotland), starting a new job, kids attending a new school and selling my house etc etc

Meanwhile, WA (even though I'd shout it's opportunities to family, friends and colleagues) was sitting in the background of my mind neglected. Around the beginning of November I reapplied myself however, as I was scribing my first few pages, I felt something wasn't right ? Irrespective of the wealth of information on the web, I was struggling to gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the many different aspects of Internet Marketing.

This was my dilemma.. I felt like a fraud.

I bounced my thoughts off of two or three who are well established within the WA community for some advice and who passed on the following:

Do what you enjoy and what your passionate about, follow your dreams, your gut instinct and aim for that which makes your heart sing..

Sorted !

Thinking now about the coming months gives me a feeling of anticipation, with endless posts, issues and subjects beckoning. My previous attempt (moretimewiththekids) will certainly not get abandoned. For the time being though, that which fascinates me and makes me tick is what I'll be concentrating on and sharing.

Hopefully, some may be able to equate with my process thus far.

Thanks to all (ye ken who ye are) for the valuable advice

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LaurenceW Premium
Thanks Alexander,
I certainly hope so. Can't wait, so I won't ! Starting today.

Best ever wishes and hope ye have a great Xmas
AlexEvans Premium
Looks like you are sorted 2016 is going to be a year of achievement.
LaurenceW Premium
Wise words Val. Thanks
krazykat Premium
You are certainly no fraud! WA is here waiting for us even when we aren't present....and then, the beauty happens when we are able to dig in....
hilarybassak Premium
Thanks for the follow Laurence Best of success to you