I am cruisin' and lovin' it!

Last Update: October 26, 2020

Hello everyone

My 10th day: I did the first three lessons and I am in middle of the Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 1 : Level 4 -- I am cruisin' and lovin' it!

I liked most learning about the commissions we can earn by promoting the WA affiliate program, Kyle has covered a brief tutorial about the program details, $tats, tasks, links and tracking, campaigns etc There's definitely lots of learning as you familiarize yourself with the setting and begin to leverage the power of the program.

I'm also happy that I could resolve my two issues from yesterday, I think my PayPal subscription was canceled (don't ask me, don't know how) and I was advised to renew it by last week of next month.

The Account Setup that was annoying also disappeared all of a sudden, and I think this has happened because I started my training and I have ticked some activities.

I started working on my siterubix subdomain, and I installed Elementor plugin I am likin' so much. I am doing a cover page for now while setting up as I go along. It's my second name 'Laugher' extensioned siterubix (dot) com, I have added it to the follow on my profile.

I am now wondering if I can add my affiliate link to the cover page and thinking how I would do it. Any advice would really be appreciated.

Pretty much me for the day. One thing more, Live Chat with ChrystopherJ really helpful today. Yesterday I could not figure out how to take a screenshot they have asked. Then my WiFi wasn't working.

I look forward to meeting more of you.

Aaron Laugher

(No humor, may be some!)

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Keep up the great work
Joes946 Premium
Great post Aaron. You're doing great. Can't answer your question about a link on your cover page.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well done, Aaron! You have the excellent attitude required to succeed!