How much money are you making?

Last Update: October 30, 2020

Hello everyone

I asked below question today and got four answers. The fourth answer says it is unlikely I will get any answers to my question from the people who are making lots of money. As the platform can be viewed by any person browsing the net.

Therefore, I would really appreciate whomever making awful loads of money to PM, am kinda puzzled here whether I cam make out or not. All I seek is a simple answer, a number.

Please do not send me links to posts or success stories. Many thanks indeed.

How much $$$ have you made since joining WA?

How much $$$ are you making? Taking Covid19 into consideration.

I have learned this from my previous coach if I want to make $100k I better ask a person who had made $100k or more.

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DCaribbeanQ Premium
I read the part when you said you didn't want links to success stories. However I gave you two names of persons you can talk to.

Did you check my last response to the question? They have been successful here and posted their earnings in their blogs recently.

Candy Benn
Hanco Premium Plus
Hi Aaron,

I have not made any money here at WA and that's OK with me.
When I joined WA Kyle told me that it takes on average 3 to 6 months before you earn your first money. I just entered my 3th month.
When I joined WA I didn't know that it takes much more time than I figured, to follow the training and put what I have learned in practise and make a web-side and write content. I'm glad I didn't, because if I did have known I would not have joined WA, because I honestly do not have that amount of time to spend at WA every day.
I also didn't know about the quality and the thoroughness of WA's professional and in depth training. Knowing that now has convinced me that I too will (not only can but will) be successful in this business.
I just gave myself more time before expecting to earn any money. But earning money through WA I will.

Do the training, have fun, but just don't quit.

God bless,
beautiful801 Premium
I made nothing. I have faith. Alicia
jghwebbrand Premium
Great question.
One thing you can d within WA is go to the search bar at the top right of wa logo and type is "success stories" some blogs will pop up for those who wanted to share.

We do wish you much success as you seek to share the ins and out of your niche. What the problems are and how your niche solves them.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
I've made nothing yet.