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Hello everyoneI asked below question today and got four answers. The fourth answer says it is unlikely I will get any answers to my question from the people who are making lots of money. As the platform can be viewed by any person browsing the net.Therefore, I would really appreciate whomever making awful loads of money to PM, am kinda puzzled here whether I cam make out or not. All I seek is a simple answer, a number.Please do not send me links to posts or success stories. Many thanks indeed.H
October 26, 2020
Hello everyone My 10th day: I did the first three lessons and I am in middle of the Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 1 : Level 4 -- I am cruisin' and lovin' it!I liked most learning about the commissions we can earn by promoting the WA affiliate program, Kyle has covered a brief tutorial about the program details, $tats, tasks, links and tracking, campaigns etc There's definitely lots of learning as you familiarize yourself with the setting and begin to leverage the power of the program.I'm also happ
My 9th day, I started working on Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 1 : Lesson 1 and I am finding it really interesting.I purchased a second .com domain, so now I have two .com domains in addition to a siterubix subdomain.I have two situations, first a red banner is placed on top of the WA site right above top menu, something to do with my membership. I refreshed few times, I am unable get rid of it.Am finding it difficult set up my news feed for example it shows account setup 100%, I cannot seem to be
October 24, 2020
My 8th day, I bartered with $19 to further assess platform. I really hope it lives up to my expectation, because I am hungry and wants lots of it.Whomever provided me with support during my first seven days, I am really appreciative of your efforts. A BIG thank you.I look forward to meeting more of you. Aaron Laugher (No humor, may be some!)
First Milestone: Created a WebsiteIt's Official, You're On the World Wide Web!Wow, you've just accomplished a huge milestone in setting up your first website at Wealthy Affiliate! Your website is the foundation to everything that you do online, and you now have the WA Badge to show for it! Awesome stuff!Niche: Still under review but hopefully evergreen. I am considering going for the Make Money Online niche.Please help me out, any tips appreciated. I really want to get this thing off the grou