Quantity and quality

Last Update: March 24, 2018

Everything is fast going to be quality and quantity is a follow. So most people or business owners is issued of those. It's my experience and currently I seem the every job. Control is quantity and issues of the your company, business, customer. So how about writing? Can I write a letter 500 words with quality and 5000 words quantity. Which one of best results?

Please comment get me some ideas

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JulietAA Premium
Quality. Always quality.
Flash4 Premium
Hi Larmu,
Myself I go for quality, the amount of words is your choice. Sometimes too many words bore people, so stick with what's relevant to your post. Good information.
Chees Jae ☺
StanleyLien Premium
I go for quality!
skendrick4 Premium
I think quality is better to strive for. If there is quantity needed, the quality must be there.
buffetearns Premium
Hi Larmu

You can write Quality words of 500 or 5000, that is up to you.

Jay recently stated in one of his webinar's to aim for 1000 words in your blog post.

1000 words is what I am for when I am writing.

I am not sure how google views numbers of words, perhaps other members have the answers to this question Larmu.