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Last Update: July 14, 2018

Ok, so I'm at the lesson where i have to write my first review. i'll tell you, writing a post is bad enough for me, now I have to do a review. I am really struggling with this one. I don't know how to start. I've got a block. I know once I get my first one done I'll be able to do more and it will be easier, just like with the regular posts.

I think I'll just take Kyle's example as a template and see if I can work through it. I've also googled how to do it and will take the information from both and see what I can make. I've put it off, but need to get started. So what did I do instead? I blogged about how I can't get started with it.

It's funny how I can always find something else to do, except what I need to be doing. I'm getting better with my posts about that. Now I have to push through the review, because I know that Google loves reviews and it will help me look better in Google's eyes!

Well, I think I'll get started and see what I come up with. Just needed to let some frustration out.

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merlynmac Premium
What is the topic or item?
landjent Premium
It's a reference book about essential oils. II think I've figured out my keyword phrase. Looking for other book reviews to see how to put it together....
merlynmac Premium
I’m not all that familiar with essential oils but I suppose you can approach the review from various angles such as how helpful the book was for you, if you agree or disagree with its recommendations , what you discovered that you didn’t know before reading the book, and so on. Maybe compare it to other books and so on.
TDenise Premium
What I do is I type in the keyword I'll be using and draw inspiration from the top results. See how they've reviewed the product or service and make your review better.