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Hello Wealthy Affiliates,There is one thing I was looking for but couldn't find an answer for, so I will leave a short blog post about it.I am using ''Uptown Style'' Wordpress theme for my website, and I made a Blog page, that automatically adds all the new posts.I wanted to add a Grid layout on the Blog pageNow I wanted to make the posts look nice in a grid way, like blocks, so I downloaded a plugin for that, but the Grid desired look I was hoping to get wouldn't happen in that blog page, but
Hello everyone,One thing I never noticed or paid attention to was the SiteHealth, until 2 days ago.I was checking my website data in the SiteManager, and notice that SiteHealth ''needs work'' and was not doing really good, it was orange and not green.I scrolled down to understand how I can make it green, better, and 100%, and that is how I learned that there are 8 items you should pay attention to:1/ Publishing Frequency: content must be published more regularly2/ Content Quality & Variety:
Hello Everyone,I have been searching online for ways to make money, and make money fast, I found many mentors that claim to make you a millionaire or billionaire with 6 figures, 7 figures a year etc.. but I couldn't see consistency and most importantly, I couldn't see commitment and follow-up from those mentors.How I joined in Wealthy AffiliatesI ended up on a review by Tiffany who was recommending Wealthy Affiliates for various reasons that today I do experience. I am glad I came across that p