Going yearly with this amazing Black Friday Offer! And why you should too

Last Update: November 30, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have been searching online for ways to make money, and make money fast, I found many mentors that claim to make you a millionaire or billionaire with 6 figures, 7 figures a year etc.. but I couldn't see consistency and most importantly, I couldn't see commitment and follow-up from those mentors.

How I joined in Wealthy Affiliates

I ended up on a review by Tiffany who was recommending Wealthy Affiliates for various reasons that today I do experience. I am glad I came across that post and I am glad to having joined Wealthy Affiliates for 3 months now, and guess what, I just went Premium for a year, thanks to the great Black Friday Offer that Kyle and Carson have made available for us.

The canadian dollar vs US dollar is definitely different but that makes it 50% monthly decrease versus what I would usually pay on a monthly basis (vs Annually).

Wealthy Affiliates : Commitment and support

Going back to commitment and follow-up, I am glad to say that Wealthy Affiliates is not only giving me an added value from the educational standpoint, thanks to the trainings, (and guys, the trainings are amazing), delivered by experts in the field, that do work, (and I am a fan of Jay - Magistudios by the way) and by how Kyle's explanation is clear and to the point, but also the community support is amazing, and the founders are available to answer your questions and support you in a short period of time. I do not think I would find something like this elsewhere in ''Making online Money programs or platform''.

If you are really looking for a platform that will make you Wealthy knowledge wise first, then Wealthy money wise, I believe that you are in the right platform. You just need to have persistence, and understand that recurrent, consistent and regular income, will not come all by itself, you have to educate yourself (Watch the trainings), apply what you learn on your website, keep tracking and updating. Know that making money online doesn't come in hours (Yes some mentors claim that, but once you buy their programs, you understand that you need to invest more in additional tools and that you have to work hard to achieve your objectives).

I haven't made money online yet, This is my 3rd month here with you, but I have a Marketing Background and I know that this will work. In fact, I read some success stories here in WA of people that make money, and I came across a post of a member making 500$ on their worst month, oh my, I am looking forward to making money here soon!

So fellow members, summary:

  • You have made the right choice by being on Wealthy Affiliates
  • Invest in yourself by watching the trainings, learning and applying them
  • Making money online doesn't come in a day, or a week
  • Making money online needs persistence and hard work
  • Always give back and help others seeking support with their websites.

If you are making recurring income thanks to Wealthy Affiliates, please share with us your story and best practices in the comment section, to help others.

Thanks for stepping by :)

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Mick18 Premium
Congrats! You've made a wise decision.
Have a great weekend,
Lamyae Premium
Thank you Mickey, it is indeed!
jojocinq Premium
Wise decision
Lamyae Premium
JeffreyBrown Premium
Great choice, Mya--you've made a great investment in your future!

Lamyae Premium
I cannot agree more :)
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Awesome, Mya. I am with you. Running this journey together.
Lamyae Premium
Thanks Stanley, I appreciate it :)
ExpatMark Premium
A great choice Mya. Congratulations, good luck and much success with all of your MMO ventures.
Lamyae Premium
Thank you, good luck to you as well! All the best!