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Last Update: April 09, 2015


I am really enjoying each day with wealthy affiliate , A life changing process is taking place for sure . Different aspects of my personality are developing . I have to admit that learning digital marketing was a wise decision .

A long way in one month . I know that there is a lot more to learn . BUT I am so excited to learn .Here I wanted to share my point of view with WA family . A lot of friends have asked me how I can do a lot of things, even some of them told me that I have to concentrate .

I learned forign exchange ( forex ) on line and I have joined a lot of webinars and classes .It was the best thing to learn after a long journey of chasing scam . The problem is the market is not constant . It needs a big capital which can cope with the ups and downs of the market but still it is a very profetable market .

I wanted something to allow me to share my experiences , to tell my stories , to get engaged with the people and give a hope to the mothers who made the choice of leaving their full time jobs to stay at home for any reason ( in my case it was for constant traveling ) those mothers need a substitute and a web site is the best in my opinion .

I learned that there is a high season for every product or service so if you want to keep your business in a good shape you have to learn how to sell different types of products to keep you busy throughout the whole year . So I AM USUALLY DOING ONE THING AT A TIME AFTER STUDING THE BEST TIME to deal with it . For example the best time for the forex market when there are big news, specialy in the first friday each month or after an important meeting . The prices either goes up and you have to buy or goes down you have to sell. .Then the market returns to silence or a slight movement .

I hope this method about the right time for the right product will work with the web site . Any advice will help me a lot .

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JewelCarol Premium
It is great you are learniing stuff here. ;)
bsmith1222 Premium
Keep up the good work!
danbarth87 Premium
Sounds like you are doing a great job of laying a solid foundation!