Don't let others bring you down.

Last Update: September 09, 2018

There is one thing in life that I will never understand and that is peoples need to be negative. To be disrespectful and offer hurtful comments when they are not needed.

If you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with successful people. For me being positive and kind is something I value more than anything else so that is what I surround myself with.

Negativity creates stress and stress is I believe a cumulative thing. So since having all the stress of being ill and all the normal stress everybody feels I am not willing to add any more stress by letting others bring me down. That is why I am not using WA with all that is has to offer. When I started at WA and I asked a comment about my website and it was pure hate and negativety I desided that I am not going to let some total stranger bring me down only because I have a chronic illness and I want my blog posts to be personal and not only a commercial money making tool.

So my point is that not everyone is good at dealing with negative things so lets stay positive and lets have a happy week.


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Aria-Len Premium
One way I've managed to cope with things like negative site feedback or posts is to try and view things from their point of view. While I think receiving feedback helps us improve our business, we have to realize that it's OUR business so we're able to run it the way we see fit.

Most people here in WA aren't giving you feedback to hurt your feelings, but they're doing it to help you improve the user experience so you're more successful, but not everyone or every community is as accepting and understanding at WA.

Stay focused on what your plans are and when you fail, you've learned something new, so just brush it off and keep on moving! At least, that's what's helped me!
MKearns Premium
Imperviousness to this comes after awhile Virpi!
Calvinator63 Premium
There are many ways of telling someone that what they are dong is below par but to be straight out rude about that is just unnecessary.

I have done plenty of site feed backs while here at WA and I have see some real winners, bu that doe not give me the right to be rude, there is a fine line between being blunt and being hateful unless o know the difference you are better of avoiding the situation all together.

Sorry to hear that someones else's lack of knowledge caused you to be treated with no compassion that is not fair or right.