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November 06, 2020
Several days ago...I happened to visit my site and reviewed my previously published articles then log at wealthyaffiliate and went to the back end of my site. And I was very happy to see that my published articles gained several subscribers...which means that I will be starting or beginning to build my email listings or shoud I say... that I will be starting to deliver a thank you emails for them as my subscribers...although it is just a few of them but at least it is beginning to build up and
Just yesterday, I was surprised that a colleague of mine called me and told me about a medical article that I wrote which entails in the management that I did in treating CoViD19 patients in my locality. The topic that we are talking pertains to an old woman who had severe CoViD19 symptoms and wanted to be admitted in the hospital for proper care and management but she was denied of such request. So She and the family members talked to me about the grave situation and thus I accepted the challe
Since the beginning of December 2019, CoViD19 spreads all over the globe rapidly and in unprecedented pace, brought enormous destructions to global economy and life. It continues to bring change to human lives. I just would like to tell you a true to life experienced of a 74 y.o. female who had been in her near death ordeal last August 21, 2020 and this is the story of her life. Last August 16, 2020, she felt occasional cough associated with mild to moderate grade fever accompanied by chest pa
In less than two days ago...I wilfully announce to the whole world of WA that two of my articles are indexed in google ! and now another two of my articles( titles above ) are glowing with colorful blue " G's ".... these are real world scenario and evidences that what wealthyaffiliates are doing and teaching us and all of their students really works wonders!...kindly allow me to SHOUT OUT to the whole wide world that wealthyaffiliate is GREAT!!! what a wonderful feeling...really refreshing and
August 18, 2020
Hi there!...its been quite sometime that I haven't walk around at WA place due to the demand of my professional work as a physician especially during this unprecedented time...but I have something to shareto my fellow WA'ers, that I'm quite proud of my work...because 2 of my articles got indexed in google,...posts that have rich, quality content in it really works and got indexed in a short period of time!!! so continue to learn, enjoy and be happy at WA! till next!...laertesMD
Hi wealthy affiliate family!!! ...I hope you are all safe and healthy in your respective domain. It is quite sometime that I've scarcely been seen roaming around wealthy affiliate because im staying safe at home...he3x. Dr. Laertes B. Amihan giving few talked and insights about Covid19 to the guards along the General Community Quarantine border checkpoint.Candidly speaking I'm quite busy nowadays especially at these unprecedented times because of my profession as a healthcare professional,spend
Last year of December 19, 2019...the first case of SARS cov2 was reported in Wuhan China and as the time goes by, the viral infection spreads like " wildfire" aound the globe and becomes a pandemic and continue to take its toll along its path. Many countries all over the world created preventive policies and strategies to contain the viral spread but it failed. And because of this grave scenario... scientists all over the world collaborated to produce a definite solution to treat and control th
Hear ye!!!...hear ye! !!! L---E---N---D me your ears !........ let it be known to all Wealthy affilliate members froooom the Newbies and to all the higher Ambassadors out there!... that I received my new " Hard-earned " accomplishment Badge just a minute ago and this is because of the concerted effort that was contributed by each member within the Wealthy affilliate family. And I am very proud to say to all of the WA members .....THANK YOU SOoooo MUCH !!!.....Kindly offer more HELP when I n
Hi ! I am Laertes B . Amihan aka "Ertz" a physician in the Philippines practicing in the field of Internal Medicine ( diabetes and occupational health ) for almost 25 years. I'm also into medical research,just few years ago I got a formal training in diabetes and occupational health ( Philippine government certified ) . As a Chief clinician at Celt Medical Clinic and Pharmacy ,I have to equally divide my time for the family and my other work as a medical officer III in one of the government m
This is just an update to my WA family, that few main cities or places in our place is now putting some IN's and OUT's travel restrictions for local residents ( form of LOCK-DOWN ? ) due to COVID 19 SCARE!!!, even going to the malls are restricted ( malling ) ,some of the schools had to stopped having classes and postponed the schedule of graduation ceremonies this month of march, people are restricted to join group parties and events. the worst part is there are workplaces shutdown and peopl