Learning New Subject, and or Skills… Enhancing What you Have

Last Update: September 16, 2018

…Ever wonder what you can do with new skills? The possibilities of new skills and abilities!

Whenever you want to learn new skills, gain a new prospective in a subject or simply enhance the skills you have a learning curve is involve. As newbies we need to follow some process to mastery these new skill that we are trying to acquire her at Wealthy Affiliate. The skills of being an affiliate marketer online require a set of skills that we are going to learn here at Wealthy Affiliate. Using the written training lessons, videos, classes, and exchange of comments and ideas are going to give us the skills we need to be success on our online business.

We often hear people say that we all have “a learning style”. But, in reality it depends on what subject or skills you are trying to learn about or enhance. In today’s technology we have many ways to learn a skill it’s just at a click way.

But let’s discuss a few techniques or tips that we can use to move forward in this learning process.

Tip #1

The most important thing here be to interact with the information. Try to use many resources that can help with the subject or skill you are learning. Try not to stick to one item of learning only. As a newbie, you can make notice that here in Wealthy Affiliate you will find many avenues to learn a subject or skill. Gather the different resources which can be; written lessons, videos, live classes, blogs and the asking and answering of questions.

Tip #2

Remember to make it more meaningful. Keep in mind the reason why you are learning this new subject or skill. In that way you will keep what is really relevant to the subject or new skill you are learning.

Tip #3

Always practice what you learn. It’s in the practice that the skill that you just learn will be kept. Apply the skill right away. As newbies practicing is a very good way to remember what we learn and also realize if you need to ask more questions. Maybe you notice that Kyle also gives us “tasks” to perform during the lesson. What he is trying to do is reinforce the learning process of the new lesson.

I always go back to the lesson review and recheck my tasks and check to see that it was done. So remember to review the lesson and check off your task from the bottom of the list.

Tip #4

Try it out, write your first article, or first blog on an idea you may have that can help you and others in the Wealthy Affiliate community. Give it a try and that means you are practicing what you have learned and without realizing it you are reinforcing a new habit and skill to continue on your success.

One tip that I can give you be to compare your work with those you know are being successful in the same area you are in or want to be in. Check out their written work, their blog. As a newbie you can learn by comparing their work with yours. As a newbie you can learn what you lack and need improvement on.

Tip #5

Try to teach or explain what you have learned to others. Make it simple, easy to understand. Look at the new material you learn and how it improves your skills or gave you a new skill and pass it on. Let others learn from your experience. Keep on writing blog material or articles. You may be surprise by what you can teach other and at the same time enforce what you have learned.

Tip #6

I would suggest that as a newbie you practice what you find difficult. I practice what I find difficult, in that way I can refine my skills and get out of my comfort zone. It’s a challenge to improves your skills. For me going out of my comfort zone helps me to learn and practice what I am not good at and sooner than later I will be just as good as or better at that skills or subject. I do try to concentrate on what I am learning and what is difficult so I can improve on it. So concentrate on what is difficult and practice it.

Tip #7

Set time and make sure you take break while you are learning and practicing your new skills. By taking break during your learning process you will keep your mind alert and ta the same time you will not suffer any delays. Sometimes you get frustrated and what we need be to take a break, walk around, maybe eat or drink something. Remember frustration, and mental fatigue does not learn the learning process in each of us.

Tip #8

Do a recall of what you have learned. Think of it as a test. It will provide a gauge as to how much you have retained and how much you recall and how much you still may need to review.

Tip #9

Stay curious. Remember by making mistakes, asking questions and getting a little frustrated is not bad, as long as you realize that it a learning process.

Tip #10

As a newbie find other way of learning, tap into other forms besides using videos, books, blog etc.

Share you information with other, become an active member in the Wealthy Affiliate community, find others with the same interest. Share and always ask for help.

Continue on your learning and success will be with US sooner than later!

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Yes build on what you have!
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We really appreciate your tips , you are spot on.
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