The WA Journey so Far!

Last Update: March 17, 2015

Well, I'm about two weeks into using WA now, and I can say I have already learned a ton. Several months ago, I had to stop working full-time as a counselor due to some medical issues, and so I am excited to be able to continue forward in helping others via the web on my first website It's been great to share small snippets so far of both my personal and professional life, and I hope it's something that will benefit others.

I feel like going through this training so far is kind of like going back to school again, although much more convenient. :) I loved college and graduate school and feels good to be an active learner again! I never imagined I would be venturing into this sort of venue, so although it can be slightly overwhelming at times, it's exciting, and I look forward to any time I have to work on it.

My hope/goal is that I will eventually be able to work from home full-time and not have to worry anymore about whether I'm well enough to get up and go into work since I'll be able to do it all from home. :)

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417Affiliate Premium
You've made a lot of progress congrats!
MsT Premium
Good to hear of your excitement. I'll bet you do really well here. Nice to read your profile and your positive attitude towards your learning here. It has been awesome for me too. Can't believe how easy it is all presented. Every problem (small as they have been) have been resolved easily. I love being able to apply what is being taught here and progressing. Seems easy to accomplish lots. Great community. I look forward to seeing more of you here in the community. Cheers Make it a Great Week! Ps... love the name of your website.
LaDawn Premium
Thanks for the comment and the feedback! The week is going well so far. :) Hopefully it's the same for you!
danbarth87 Premium