Moving on slowly but still a success so far!

Last Update: June 15, 2016

Hi every one, I think it is high time I write some thing about my journey in this community. I actually joined WA - 2 MONTH! back. I some how got off the community after just 2 weeks for some things I may not be able to explain here, but I still came back due to my desire to succeed here.

I am one of the persons who did not know that you can get GREAT online success in simple and humble way. Not until I stumbled at a nice review by one of WA members, He actually reviewed for me one of my next "predictors" that were luring me to their website. I quickly changed my plans and decided to join WA community and I am convinced beyond doubt - I never made a mistake to join WA.

Currently I have completed level 2 of certification courses but I am seeing tremendous results. Though am moving at a slow pace, but still never believed a person like me with NO proper website insight could even create a web page. Which I have done and I am on high gear to expound on it and a reach my goal. I will wrote a success line here at WA for SURE, for I have seen a tender loving community in WA and I have been well support and guided by every member I have reached to at all angle.

I promise that I will properly and freely guide any body I can here however small Knowledge I will posses.

My target in the next 2 MONTH will be to at least be able to make 0.3 k every month.

Thanks mob to every body! I will keep sharing updates here on my progress.



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work4nobody Premium
I wish you the best. Keep plugging away.
L4C Premium
a pleasure
roamy Premium
Wish you success here,hope you are back to stay this time, it`s easy to get side tracked with the many shiny objects out there.
L4C Premium
yaah, thanks.