Teach and Learn

Last Update: February 22, 2018

I used to work for the consultant company. One of their company philosophies was "Learn by teaching." They believe that knowledge also comes from teaching. So once we got training on some topics, we were also assigned to teach to new employees. I did not like it! I wanted to learn more before standing in front of people.

Naturally, I studied and researched a lot upon my preparation (I am a quite perfectionist). And how much I learned! Actually more than when I was just sitting in the classroom. I became an expert in some area.

As I start writing articles on my new website, which gives out a lot of information, I researched and learned a lot. It reminded me of my old company. You learn by teaching.

If you still feel you don't know enough to write the article, or even put out the website, remember, you don't just learn from listening and reading. Start teaching others what you just learned. You will become an expert!

Good luck everyone!


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ElianeLima Premium
I completely agree with you, Kyoko.
I had learned this with my dad and - if I'm not mistaken - there have been researches supporting this idea. It's very true.
HelenpDoyle Premium
Kyoko, you bet I agree with you. I have created a lot of how to do things over my career. Sometimes I would get so frustrated with how poorly instructions and information was given I used to shut myself in a room with all the info and sort it out. Then I would do a program with the steps so it my colleagues could use it easily.

After all when you are really busy you don't need to teach yourself how to do the same thing over and over.

Not only did I learn each process thoroughly and train them, I also became a pretty proficient public speaker and I learned how to nicely threaten them when they played around with there computers when I was trying to train them!

On the other hand you could do what my partner did. He got so frustrated with the directions for one piece of equipment he took the log splitter to it. He didn't get his money back but he sure felt good.
jivitajay Premium
I agree Kyoko, I can't say am perfectionist or not but I like to prepare very well before I write any blog.
But you are exactly right when you say we learn more when we teach others.

LeeMcQuay Premium
That goes very well with Kyle's advice to have a conversation when you are writing. Put the two together and you can't lose. Thank you for sharing.
DEversley Premium
This is very true, Kyoko!
Thanks for sharing.

All the best and bountiful success!