How to Find the Winning Products on Amazon

Last Update: February 13, 2018

One way you can make money online is to sell or promote products on Amazon. You can become an Amazon affiliate and every time you refer someone to purchase products on Amazon; you can get a commission. Amazon is probably one of the largest online retail stores, and you can literally promote thousands of items.

But how to find the winning products on Amazon while there are thousands of them? Well, while there may be more, I can think two ways. Products you have already experienced in positive results, or popular products that many people are buying.

Products You Have Already Experienced with Positive Results

This is pretty straightforward. You know the stuff; you know it works so that you can promote them easily. If you still have the product, you could take pictures (that is very original), even make a video or two and show your visitors how you benefit from it. There is nothing more genuine than sharing your personal experience, and many audiences would be intrigued by it. But the problem is, how many of such things do you have within your niche, and how popular is it? Even though the product is amazing, if no one knows about it (let alone no keywords for it), it could be a little bit challenge.

Products Many People Are Buying

So here comes the second way, to find what sells the most. The simplest way is to type “Best Selling” from your niche. For example, if I do “dog” niche, here is what I did.

Then when you click the first AmzaonBasics Pet Training Pads, Standard, you will see it is “Amazon’s Choice.”

That means Amazon notice it is a best-selling item. Another point you want to take a look at for the product on Amazon is “Best Seller Rank.”

This rank indicates how well the product is selling. #2 means it sells like crazy. Probably every minute someone is buying it. The smaller number is, of course, the better. I can’t really say what the maximum Rank you should go, but I would look about 50,000 or lower.

Another way to expand this amazing Amazon feature is to click “see top 100,” (notice the link next to #2 in Pet Supplies) and you can see all bestselling items lined up, along with different types of products but still within the niche. The list can go on and on... and you will have many winning products!

Prime Items Are Usually More Popular Than Merchant Selling Items

Amazon is doing a fantastic job to turn things into Amazon Prime. The number one reason why Amazon Prime is good is that the shipment is normally free, and you could still get it within 2-3 days. Amazon Prime usually means that Amazon holds items in their warehouse, and they process the fulfillment. It is not every case, but I just leave it this way. Anyways, because they hold and fulfill the orders, they are also working hard to get them out as soon as possible. They are also advertising Prime items constantly.

Many Reviews

Most popular items have a lot of reviews. It does not have to be perfect (meaning 5, or 4.7 or so) but again, most popular items have an average of at least 4-star. The great thing about Review is that you could also get some idea of what other people say about the product, and it is really easier to promote if many people make positive comments.

I hope you found this article helpful. This strategy could work when you are looking for a profitable niche. If you have any comments or other ideas on how to find the winning products on Amazon, please let me know!


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