There is a Human on the Other Side of Every Click.

Last Update: March 21, 2022

Did you just click this article? Then you are a human. So thus I am going to treat you like one, and work to engage you with this topic.

You may be viewed as just a "click" to some website owners, however. And that is part of the problem with the internet, and the content creators out there that don't full grasp the human element of their business. If you don't communicate in a way that is engaging, interesting, and that captivates your audience they are all ONE click away from the same way they were a click to arrive.

That's the reality.

So today, I want to spend a few moments discussing how you can "humanize" your content.

You Are Not Writing For Google, You Are Writing for People.

The humanization part is something that starts before you create your content. You need to approach EVERY piece of content that you write, whether it is on social media or on your website, as though it is going to be a friend or a family member reading it.

You are NOT writing for search engines. That is where most people get confused when they sit down to write content. Of course you are focusing on getting ranked, but that is going to be the byproduct of your content being well-designed, very engaging, readable, and with a focus on the reader.

It won't be the result of you stuffing keywords throughout the article or trying to trick Google with some black-hat SEO techniques. That won't work, and that won't lead to any level of visitor comprehension or retention.

So my first suggestion when you write content on your website is putting yourself in the mind frame of a potential reader. If your best friend wrote that article, would you find that article to interesting, helpful, and engaging. If your answer is yes, then you have written yourself a very good article.

4 Simple Tricks to Increase Human Interaction.

There are some really easy-to-implement techniques that I used to make my content more readable, and to capture my audiences attention with more efficiency.

Let's have a look at FOUR of them.

  • Research Before You Write. If you don't research and understand what you are writing about, it is going to be evident to your readers. Spending a little time in Google and reading content about a particular topic, can be helpful if you are not full confident with the subject you are writing about. You do not need to "write from the hip" to produce authentic and quality content. All the best editorials you have probably ever read were some most researched.

    So spend some time acquainting yourself with the topic you are creating content around. Do a bit of research. It will go a long ways.

  • Use Conversational Speech. When you create content on your website, you are not writing an English essay. Sure, you want to come off with a sense of professionalism, we live in an age where people want to be entertained and they don't want to feel as though the content has been pulled from a high school text book.

    Your delivery of your content is important to capturing and sustaining attention, and using conversational style speech can be a powerful tool to engage your visitors.

  • Capture Attention, Then Write About It. What is the first thing people see before they visit your website? Your article title. What are the subsequent things they see? Internal headlines with your content. You should be leveraging big, bold, and interesting titles within your content that foreshadow what you are about to chat about. So utilize titles internal to your content in the same way I have done within this exactly article.

  • Show, Don't Just Tell. Visuals are important. We grow up reading picture books as children, and that never leaves us. Sure you can write content without any sort of imagery within it, but it will lead to far less engagement.

    It is key though to utilize images to SHOW people what you are talking about, versus just using random images or images that have some sort of relevance. SHOW people exactly what you are talking about in image form, and they will comprehend what you are talking about with much more efficiency.

People Gotta Like You, To Trust You, To Buy From You.

At the end of the day, trust is established if the person on the other end of your content likes you. People like you if they think you are funny, if you are helpful, if you are interesting, and/or if they can relate to you.

So write your content in the way that checks off these boxes and you are going to be able to establish trust. Trust is the precursor to being able to "promote" products/services with ease in business.

In fact, if you have your audience's trust you can simply make product/service recommendations to them that will further help/benefit them. You don't even have to put your "sales hat" on, it will be a seamless approach to being able to convert your visitors into buyers. That is the ideal situation to be in.

So don't take a click for granted, ever. It could be your next customer, and a life-long customer on the other end of that click.

Are you writing for PEOPLE? If not, you need to make this your core focus within all of your content.

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Trev01 Premium
I understand this principle and can write decent advertising copy. But ad copy is not what you're shooting at here. I'm new to the idea of affiliate marketing so I've got a bit of a mental disconnect happening here between what I know used to work and what I believe you are advocating.
Scenario: I go through your lessons and decide I'm passionate about alternative energy solutions and want to affiliate myself to a company selling solar panels.
I have a personal interest so I can write from that perspective, but I cannot create an authoritative website: I'd run into legal issues giving electrical and structural advice as a non qualified hobbyist. So that limits me to writing "interest" pieces rather than technical pieces.
Obviously research is key but how does a person go about creating daily posts around such a static topic. I mean sure I could find masses of info on the new developments of solar (it's really quite exciting) but this stuff isn't even off the lab benches yet, completely non saleable and contextually non-relatable to the sale of home solar equipment.
Am I missing the point of a blog-based site by such a wide margin?
Or is it just that: Great if you're selling coaching/mentoring but not so great if your chosen product range/niche is not so dynamic.

Surely if you build frequent content and then just keep linking it back to the same affiliate links your site quickly becomes a self-canibalising mess just waiting to be de-indexed.
Forgive my uninformed newness ;)
ABullard9343 Premium
You should be fine. I'm quite sure if you notate the articles within your blog, that will protect you from the "legal issues". From your post above it appears you will have 0 issues within whatever blog you chose. If your passionate about what you're doing you will be okay.

I understand the frequent technical notes that will be inserted within your articles, but as you mentioned I would stay away from a technical post and stick with the blogging post.

You will be absolutely fine. The training throughout this community will answer all of your questions.
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Great communication.
Let's see where do we start. As for an authoritative site, it means that the content you provide is accurate and gives your visitors so much help that that don't necessarily want to go to another site and get help. It means you do a great job in helping people with your niche idea. It does not mean you become certified in the industry. Search engines crawl the content you write and they determine if your site is helpful. It isn't as hard as it may sound.

So for you niche (alternative energy solutions and want to affiliate myself to a company selling solar panels.) you can talk about energy in general, what is solar energy, benefits of. ways to use it. compare products. solar panels are the product so you decide what targeted group of people you wish to help. For example (home owner essentials for using alternative energy sources). then your website will be all about alternative energy sources for the home. You could start with solar panels and then expand your scope.

You will want to own a website to become known by your (brand purpose). By creating original content for your niche you will get people to your site and that is free traffic rather than "paid ads traffic. You can do. both, but you do want a website to help people and solve their problems related to your niche because people use the internet to find help and solutions.

To find find questions people ask you can use and google search, the people ask section under a search.

Once you get into your niche initially you may think you have exhausted your ideas, but as you begin to think it through - comparisons and outside the box thinking you will discover there 8 so much to talk about and it will keep you boing for months and years.

Hope this helps.
Trev01 Premium
Thanks, that's a well thought out and comprehensive answer. Food for thought. Thanks again fir your time.
jghwebbrand Premium
You are so very welcome.
Kyle Premium Plus
What is a qualified hobbyist? Someone that is passionate or interested in helping others within the online world, is working towards expertise.

Nobody starts off as an expert within any niche, nobody. Every expert you see out there started off somewhere and the online world and what you learn here is going to walk you through the process of becoming an expert.

Every expert surgeon started off at one point as a first year student. Every person with expertise within the online business world (myself included) started off with ZERO knowledge.

That should be exciting to you knowing that you can enter absolutely ANY niche you want and become the expert and build a full time income doing so.

Immerse yourself into your niche. People will trust you if you can offer them help and you don't have to reach the "expert" status to have a full time business within a niche.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Kyle got you absolutely covered on this.
Mrdavidmoore Premium Plus
I like the part in the article where it encourages us to do research. Sometimes we are so close to our content we think people can't tell we are shooting from the hip but they can. I also like how the article encourages us to write like a human not as if we have written from a highschool text book.
Kyle Premium Plus
People can, as they are going to Google and looking for specific information and thorough information often times. If you are not offering them a thorough understanding and help, then they will see through your content.

You wouldn't need to put a lot of research into every article, but there is nothing wrong with researching before you write.
IlseS Premium
I have always thought of myself as the worst salesperson. After reading this I realize that you need to connect, create a positive atmosphere, be honest .... establish a win-win relationship of trust in order to carry enough weight to be believable and promote your product. And definitely have enough knowledge on the subject?
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Knowing your subject | and topics well is definitely a plus; content can flow naturally. However, we can always research other people's work; however, all content must be originally written in your own words. And for that, there are many sources online.

And about me is also super important. This is the first contact your visitors have with your website; they want to know the founder, what the website is about, can they establish rapport, and above all, can they trust the website, and is it content-worthy and user experience friendly. What would be your USP (unique selling point)?

Appreciate your notes; thank you!
LDSewell Premium
Excellent information. I have always written in such a way as to communicate with other people.

That is why I hated most college courses I completed - even though I received high grades I could not wait to be done and finished with the classes.

They felt like wearing a straight jacket which artificially constrained my ability to write and say what I wanted to say how I wanted to say it.

The truth is most people do NOT want to read anything an English teacher writes because it is much like eating cardboard would be.

Fortunately, in my own books, articles, posts, courses, and other content I have no such limitations ; )

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You write beautifully, L.D.

I agree.
KennyLee Premium
I still remember your advice on writing engaging content when I started at WA in 2016. I'm grateful for that because your words have helped me launch a successful career as a copywriter. It just shows what you've learned at WA helps you in ways beyond the confine of affiliate marketing.
Joseph2022 Premium Plus
I am envious of you right now. Copywriters to me are pure magicians with they way you all craft the written word. If you have any advice for someone who is just starting out with copy writing please drop me a line.

Dream Bigger
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
This is a great story, Kenny.

My success came from following the training in WA and applying what I learned to help others in their businesses.

There are so many opportunities here!

Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing that Kenny, I can see just how much you have accomplished and how advanced your skill set has become within the online business world. You deserve every bit of success you have achieved thus far...and every bit of growth you are going to achieve moving forward. :)
homemoney33 Premium Plus
Hi Joseph,
Looking at your profile I can see that you already have in you the potential, and that potential is pushing to come out on the wings of victory.

Keep in mind that obstacles are part of your journey to success...and that those obstacles are what's going to make YOUR STORY UNIQUE.

You have nothing to fear and everything to gain. The opposite of fear is faith.
Have faith in yourself... and on the Wealthy Affiliate System.

The WA system was created by the owners, Kyle and Carson, and by this wonderful community of entrepreneurs. Members of this community, who have already experienced success will be joining and supporting you in every step of your journey to success.

The road to success is full of elephant tracks!

Follow those who have experience success. They are going to give you not only their flavor but also the substance, the components to THEIR success. Please assemble those components with a flavor of YOUR OWN personality, in your own unique and original way.

Please be consistent and in the face of obstacles keep pushing forward, and you will experience success!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate,