April fools!

Last Update: March 31, 2018


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Ricargon Premium
LoL! Nice! What had me rollin' was when you said, "The time it takes to mine a coin, may not pay off, but it will burn calories and better your overall health." I'm like, what the heck is he talking about. At first glance I took it serious, then as I read through it the sarcasm was getting thick. It's May 16, 2018 at the time I read this, but that was pretty slick. Like I said, at first glance I fell for it wondering what you guys saw in crypto and thought, hmmm they may be on to something here. Then when I got to this line, "The time it takes to mine a coin, may not pay off, but it will burn calories and better your overall health." I was rollin' off my chair. Thanks for the laugh ,ya trickster.
AfqmBiz Premium

I still remember when I was 7 or 8 start to follow soccer or football, I address the Liverpool Football Club as "Liverfools" as I am still adapting to an English slank. It was one of the reason among others I choose to follow Man Utd since back then. My uncle at that time a Liverpool supporter, when it came to every First April, I called him "April Fools" in conjunction with "Liverfools". Only when I reached the age of 9, it was me at the wrong end as it is "Liverpool" not "L-fools".

But no regret whatsoever as I never liked LFC to these days, Man Utd through and through since the end of 1986 after World Cup Mexico. It was my earliest "April Fools" stuff back in those days, lol.

(By the way, bro, were you there inside the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California during World Cup USA 1994 Finals when Diana Rose supposed to kick the ball past the goal line before the goal bar split into two instead she kicked the way off and went sideways, lol)
Timeout58 Premium
Hey Kyle,

It seemed kinda 'fishy' from the first paragraph, yet I followed along and kept thinking "what?" until I mouseover'd the link. The 'website on autopilot' remark told me the pitch was some sort of test... Very persuasive and enticing, as well as a good example of compelling ad copy. Thanks for the 'distraction'...
terrycarroll Premium
This is why I waited till Monday to open the link!

Ankle bracelets my ar*e, I thought! Instant contact - yeah right - I thought.

Then this morning I couldn't resist, so I opened it and realised I was right, but the power of attraction is a wonderful thing and the fact that I couldn't stop myself from opening confirmed that magnetic marketing is marvellous.

Even though is was an April Fools stunt, there is a lesson to be stored away here.

Thanks for the fun

Give It A Go Premium
I was hesitant to click the link expecting one of those screaming scary horror movie videos to pop up. I nearly didn't but curiosity got the better of me to see what you had up your sleeve. Glad it was only this page. Another good April fool's joke Kyle. How do you come up with them every year?
LisaTerrel1 Premium
Wow that so reminded me like those fake sites that say you can make so much money the first day .lol ... Ya right ... they just want your money and then you receive more email from other things and on and on and on lol ...

Hope everyone had a great Reserection Day ...
Happy Easter to all here At WA
Bayou1 Premium
I just woke up eating my brekkie in Australia on April 2 and reading the post. I was wondering everything in that post goes against all I've heard at WA but then I thought oh well they are tech heads and been online so they know what they are doing. Then I started doing the maths and wondering how many coins I can buy and then I saw the date...lol.....sucked me in big time...well done,that man :))
Wayne66 Premium
Just dawned on me, as I read the original post a second time:), Sounded very interesting but, then I remembered that it's April fools day, TODAY.

I don't know where some people get these ideas from. Did you come up with it on your own???

Well done, Kyle. Can't wait to see how you top this next year.

Thanks for the laugh.
Bawashom Premium
SHAME on you! LOL You actually made some sense in this crazy world. Brought back memories of my actually playing the stock market and doing quite well. I just had to click and continue reading.
HOWEVER SIR!!! APRIL FOOL BACK TO YOU!!! I didn't have a dime in my bank I was just looking.
renzki1375 Premium
Yes I was fooled since the topic you discussed is the trend of the world which most of us here are interested in. But in the back of my mind that although you are kidding to us it comes to play in your mind to do such project considering the details you wrote. If this comes to reality, we are here to support because of your track record. Good luck and God bless. HAPPY FOOLS DAY everyone!!!