After 18 Years at Wealthy Affiliate, We Breathe Innovation.

Last Update: Sep 12, 2023

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18 years—it's a stretch of time that sounds near-mythical in the internet age...and certainly in our industry. Yet that's exactly how long we (Wealthy Affiliate) have been tirelessly pushing forward, carving out its own niche in the online business world and changing MANY lives in the process.

This milestone marks the 18th anniversary of Wealthy Affiliate's inception, and what an fun journey it has been up to this point...but we are just getting started.

It all started with a dream—a vision. Carson and I sitting at a local restaurant working to come up with "business" ideas, after being independently successful affiliate marketers for the prior 3 years. Then that is when it came to us, "let's help people succeed with affiliate marketing, just like us!".

That is when WA was formed, on that day back on September 10th, 2005.

The vision was to turn the idea of making money online and affiliate marketing into a concrete reality for people around the world. Since day one, our core mission was to empower individuals to harness the crazy potential of the internet, and establish their own "piece of the pie". As we glance back, it's astounding to note that this initial goal has not only continued to fuel our motivation, but it continues to drive us to expand and innovate in the midst of one of the biggest pivots of our existing, the entrance into the AI world.

Our journey has been marked by three distinctive pillars: progress, innovation, and evolution. Looking at the progress, we have had massive strides of growth enclosing 1,000's of success stories every year. When we speak of innovation, we reflect on a series of technological advancements and features that continue to revolutionize the online business landscape. And as for evolution? Well, I am going to jump into that in our next section.

Looking Back at the Rich Journey So Far.

Who would've imagined—18 years ago—that this journey we stumbled upon would lead us here? But here we are! As the Wealthy Affiliate community and family, we have momentum...and a hefty collection of triumphs under our belt (not to mention some failures along the way). From our humble beginnings to a global leader in this space, we've forged a path of innovation, resilience, and evolution.

We've observed our member base cross the 2.8 MILLION mark just in the past few months. But it all started with just a few minds, ballooning to millions of inspired individuals around the globe. Our platform has echoed with countless success stories—each echoing louder than the last (with a lot more echoing coming this year).

From first-time online entrepreneurs earning their initial profits, to seasoned marketers hitting their 6-figure and 7-figure annual goals, it's been a journey.

And each year... each YEAR... it seems we continue to push beyond what we are yesterday, to build a more efficient and productive future for all members here witihn WA. From unveiling unique, leading-edge features to significantly enhancing the ease and efficiency of online marketing processes. We've continued to keep our promise—steadily shaping Wealthy Affiliate to be one-step-ahead, always.

It isn't merely for innovation's sake though. Our advancements—every feature, every tweak, every resourceful tool— has been architected with YOUR success as the foundation. Your feedback, your needs, and your efficiency is our focus.

As we look ahead into year 18, we see another paradigm shift on the horizon. One that not only promises to shake up the digital realm but offers unprecedented opportunities to those ready to take advantage of them. We're talking, of course, about the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And I can promise you, Wealthy Affiliate IS READY...

Beyond 2023: Wealthy Affiliate Enters the AI Arena

The world around us is evolving at a break-neck speed , and at the heart of it is the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI). You have probably seen our myriad of training already, and plenty of very engaging discussions taking place here within the community.

Tech giants and startups alike recognize it — from our domestic appliances to financial markets, to content creation and the build out of an online business, AI is proving to be a game changer.

So, how could Wealthy Affiliate look on from the sidelines? We couldn't. And we won't.

. The truth is that we are ready to step up our game, already diving headfirst into the AI frenzy with several implemenations available here within the community (Niche & Brand AI), and lots of expert classes/traning..

Our intent is to keep pace — and, when possible, to outpace (which is our core game plan). Our planned AI integrations aren't merely for flashy tech-industry bragging rights, or throwing spaghetti at a wall (like you are seeing take place out there).

Instead, we are taking problems of existing members here, and taking aspects of their business that have conventionally been slow and time consuming, and simplifying them and speeding them up...or in some cases, removing the need for them altogether!

Imagine a world where AI aids your pursuit of online dominance, easing your path toward those towering dreams of digital marketing success. That is where we are headed.

So, what does this mean for the community here at WA? More refined tools, deeper insights, and smarter strategies. Stay tuned, we are going to have a busy fall and winter ahead here within WA. Though we are 18 years in, we feel as though we are just getting started.

Next up, a sneak peek into the future of Wealthy Affiliate.

Innovation Peek: Bigger Plans for Wealthy Affiliate's Future

As much as we reflect on our journey — complacency is NOT in our DNA. We are rallying. Gears are in motion, prepping for our biggest days... and our busiest release schedule EVER.

Without revealing too much (I know, I know), upcoming updates to the Wealthy Affiliate platform are on the horizon, and we believe they're going to revolutionize the way members interact, learn, and succeed in the online world. From user interface enhancements to diverse new tools, we're propelling the boundaries of innovation!

While being pumped for the future, we're also conscious of our tradition of staying a step ahead—remaining at the vanguard of the affiliate marketing sphere. We're set to shake things up; because maintaining the status quo? Not our style yo.

We're AS EXCITED as you for these rollouts. Wealthy Affiliate WILL maintain its lead in the industry, remaining a one-stop affiliate marketing/online business solution...and it is only getting started!

Our Commitment Continues: Transforming Lives Through Internet Business Success.

In this digital age, understanding the potential of online businesses can be a game-changer—and that’s exactly where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Our commitment—or shall we say, obsession?—has always been to guide aspiring entrepreneurs in navigating the promising landscape of internet enterprise. More than just a passing interest, it's an ingrained mission.

Make no mistake—our 18-year journey has armed us with insights, knowledge, and the technical know-how to help our members realize their dreams of online business success. We are more equipped, more prepared, and certainly more driven than ever to consistently deliver this promise.

We move the gears of Wealthy Affiliate with one sole aim: to see YOU win. To see you turn an idea into a flourishing online enterprise. What's more, our upcoming innovations and AI integration are set to simplify this process further, opening up avenues of success formerly thought unrealizable.

As we embark on our 18th year, our dedication remains undeterred—unyielding, even. And rest assured, we are whipping up the most exciting additions to the platform to assist you and countless others in reshaping the patterns of online business success.

In essence, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just about realizing dreams—it’s about generating SUCCESS STORIES. This is our true metric of triumph, and YOU are the reason we keep innovating, improving and pushing into uncharted virtual territories…

Expressing Gratitude for YOU....and Looking Ahead!

We are nothing without the past. It shapes us, humbles us, and most importantly, propels us forward. We are also nothing without YOU. We are a community, a family, and one that is as strong as ever here within WA.

You’ve been part of this epic journey. You've shared in our triumphs. You've buoyed us through the challenges. You have loved, laughed, and learned along with us. You've kept us focused on our fundamental mission—to help others understand their full online business potential.

We believe in the 'level up' mantra. Aspire higher, reach further, achieve more. We've seen through our 18-year journey that evolution and innovation are key to staying ahead. Advancing our tech, refining our knowledge, leaping into the world of AI—the limits are STRICTLY SKYWARD.

An unimaginable roller-coaster ride of innovation, success, and expansion. And be sure that as we scale these dizzying heights, you will be right there with us. We are in this fun and exciting ride together.

Engaging the Audience: Creating a Conversation

It's your stories—your triumphs, transformations, even trials—that fuel our daily mission. Curious, though—what's your Wealthy Affiliate story? We'd love to hear your feedback and comments below about your journey here within WA. Your journey matters.

To make sharing these narratives smoother, we're initiating a new campaign— "We Are Wealthy Affiliate". Let's use it to express, connect, celebrate. YOUR voice. YOUR story. YOUR success...featured prominently.

Whether you're a newbie just getting your feet wet or an old-timer who's been around the Wealthy Affiliate block, we're all ears. What's your experience been like? What big dreams are you chasing? can Wealthy Affiliate help you get there?

Jump into the comments below and let it all out—success stories, hopes for the future, how we could sharpen our tools to serve you better.

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Recent Comments


Congratulations and happy 18th anniversary to Wealthy Affiliate. It has been a fabulous journey full of success, a one stop affiliate marketing /online business solution and this is just the beginning of great things to come.

I foresee myself in the same sphere from now and non stop. Forward ever backward never. This is an exciting place indeed and I
must also carry the same
belief with the founders to aspire high, reach further and achieve more, evolution and innovation being the key and advancing our tech, refining our knowledge keeping into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks so much Oikantswe!

We are going to continue to provide an environment that encompasses everything that you need to create, grow and manage a successful business online (or many) and our upcoming changes and the ones that will take place right through 2024 are going to lead the community here to more efficiency in their business than ever, and greater opportunity. Stay tuned!

Yes, indeed, an amazing journey. I nibble at the edges of what you offer, and wish I were 20 to 30 years younger. However, the smorgasbord offered at WA allows us each to choose our "courses" and to utilize the ones that resonate most with us as individuals. I salute you for taking this long journey, and for allowing us to come along with you. It's a truly transformational experience.

Thanks for your kind words Fran, and like you said you can nibble at the edges of what we offer here, and still get a substantial amount of value. We teach lots, we offer lots, and you of course don't need to know everything or do everything in order to succeed online, become an expert at a facet of the online world...or learn new things.

Wonderful to have folks like yourself as part of the family here at WA!

This is the perfect time in your life to do this, Fran! I remember taking a computer course to stay relevant in the workforce in the 90's. A couple of the students would slip out to visit 'the internet' next door on their breaks. I didn't even know what the internet was!! And here we are!

Congratulations and well done.

It's hard to believe that 6 1/2 years have passed since I first found Wealthy Affiliate. I have had a little success and a lot of failures, the latter being all of my own making. I want to thank you for the continual improvements you have been making and look forward to experiencing your future vision.

I recently stopped sulking about the mistakes I made and started putting some effort into my blog and am now attempting to focus on a better future. Even when I abandoned my websites, I never lost my belief in WA.

I appreciate your current, and look forward to your Ai lessons, as I have not had much success in getting anything decent out of ChatGPT to date. But then again, that could probably be because I'm not good at creating great prompts.

Yes, I plan to be a lifer, whether my blog is successful or not. I know I will always be able to get some value from the teachings here.

Hey Kerry,

BIG THANKS for hanging out with us for such a long stretch... 6 1/2 years, impressive. ;)

Your honesty is refreshing. Look, we've all been there – a mix of wins and learning moments. The beauty of it all. It's part of the journey. The failures are lessons... in disguise. I still make them, I make a lot of them, some much more significant than others. Every setback sets you up for a COMEBACK.

Glad to hear you decided to dive back into your blog a well! Keep at it and if you ever need a hand, just ask. :)

And if you ever need help crafting those ChatGPT prompts, you know where to find us. I ran a class on prompts tonight actually, so would be happy to help. We've got a whole world of AI wonders waiting for you to explore!

We're gonna keep pushing boundaries and creating magic here at WA. Here's to the many more lessons, successes, and adventures ahead with Wealthy Affiliate!

Congratulations on reaching this 18 year achievement that "is just getting started". I just surpassed my first year with WA and though I haven't seen a LOT of success as of yet, I HAVE seen success, and seen it in ways I never imagined I would! I haven't even finished my OEC training yet, nor the Bootcamp, but I WILL. I kind of got stuck in the training at the point where it has you become an Amazon affiliate. I wasn't sure I even wanted to DEAL with Amazon and their strict set of affiliate rules, etc. There are other reasons, too, such as the products I'm promoting as an affiliate in my niche I get better quality and prices elsewhere, which is what I want to pass on to my customers. I did sign up as an Amazon affiliate, but let it expire after 90 days of not promoting or selling any products there. However, I am a seller on Amazon, (and other platforms) for the products I am creating and marketing.

That is where WA has helped me the most. I have made one affiliate commission, so I CAN say I have achieved that. But more importantly, WA helped me to take my existing business to new heights I'd only thought of or hadn't even thought of yet! So, while my success with WA has been minimal thus far, all that I've learned and the paradigms that have occurred as a result are numerous and continue to happen. It seems that the more I learn, the more ideas I get, and their coming so fast I can't keep up with them, but I can make a note of them so I'll remember later, and that's what I do.

I have no doubt whatsoever that my success levels will continue to rise as I continue on my journey with WA. I also have no doubt that one day, I'll be attending the Vegas conference with the rest of the top WA members. I LOVE this platform and know I'll be a member for life, as it has DEFINITELY changed my life for the better, and it continues to do so daily!


First off, a massive congrats on hitting that one-year mark with us Kevin. The fact that you're seeing success – even if it's not in the traditional sense you might've expected definitely speaks volumes.

It sounds like you've got a unique perspective on affiliate marketing, and you're carving out your own path which is awesome.

I'm also happy to hear how WA has given your existing business a boost. It's not just about those commissions sometimes (although they're pretty sweet), but about growth, learning, and all those aha moments along the way.

And let's make the Vegas Super Affiliate Conference a reality. Dream big, because within the online world we have an audience of 5.5 BILLION people. It's limitless. :)

Thank you, Kyle. I am so grateful for all that I'm learning and accomplishing thanks to WA! And you're advice to dream big is exactly what I am doing, as I have maintained a rock solid belief that I WILL see success... BIG success with WA, while others have expressed their doubts, I ignore them and continue to dream big and shoot for the stars, because I have every confidence that if I continue putting in the work and getting better at what I'm doing, my goals and dreams will be realized.

Hi, Kyle. Firstly congrats to you and Carson on the 18 years, great achievement. My journey here in WA for the last 18 months has been enjoyable, ok no commissions yet but I`m still enjoying the road trip and for once in my life I have something I can call my own, cool. Look forward to future updates with regard to AI, sounds interesting. All the best and have a great day.

No worries Brian, let's kick things into high gear. It clicks at different times for people, and I can tell you are persistent and will reach your goals. I operate the same way. You have a wonderful day as well, and it is wonderful to have you here as part of the community.

Thank you, Kyle. All the best.

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