When you set your WA goals for Vegas are you working towards them everyday

Last Update: June 21, 2016

Goals for Vegas

A few weeks ago I set my goals for Vegas. I try to do something everyday to achieve that goal. Whether it's working in Bootcamp or talking to people while I'm out I try to get people to WA.

What am I Doing Wrong

I know I'm not a salesperson but I would think my enthusiasm for WA would be enough. There seems to be people coming here to check it out but no one has signed up. The knowledge that it takes seven points of contact before a purchase does not help with the fustration.

Putting Myself in the Buyers Shoes

I try to think about the way I felt when making the decision to join WA. Putting myself in the customers shoes. Keeping in mind what I was thinking and the state of mind I was in when making the purchase.


Beginning tomorrow I will try to do at least 2 things to achieve my goals. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result", and Einstein is right. It does not appear that what I am presently doing is working so it's time to change tactics and learn another way.

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KWilt Premium
Thanks everyone... I know I'm not the only one that looses sight of their goals . Sometimes just writing about it helps me see ideas I didn't before. I'm not the type of person that ever gives up. Even when giving up is the best choice. I will keep pushing or beating a dead horse until there is nothing left. Then i will go a little more. This is one of my biggest faults. I just hope mt niches aren't dead horses.
JudeP Premium
We are all learning something new every day and being adaptable is essential when working online because things change so quickly. :)
kante001 Premium
Keep working on your website, as much as possible.
AlexEvans Premium
Way to go Keller, if we set goals and work towards them we usually get there.