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My name is Wilbert and I live in a small town near Rotterdam, Netherlands.

I have been trying to earn some money online for a few years now. I have failed and succeeded, joined websites and built some myself.

The problem I found with the money making websites I joined and made money with is that they stopped (bad Business plan?) after a while and I could start over again. It it hard to find the right programs to join.
The ones that are doing also seems to be the hardest to get referrals for .....

The funny thing is, that I joined W.A. in the beginning, but could not effort it any more (it was more expensive then).

Now I am not planning on joining those programs soon. Instead I am in the process of building my own community sports website and try to earn through advertising.

I have rejoined and upgraded W.A. to learn more about the marketing part of managing a successfull website. Seeing W.A. is still around and stronger then ever gives me the confidence that I made the right choice to learn it here.
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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Wilbert, dropping by to thank you for following me looking forward to the future and thank you for the opportunity to be part of your network. I hope that your WA experience is going well, exciting times
JuhaniRusi Premium
Thank you for following me
TheBuilder Premium
Hi Wilbert, thanks for following back.
Pottsy55 Premium
Kante I have been trying desperately to subsidize my income and have also failed so far! The ines I got involved with I also failed out and they wound up costing me more money than with one that I was with I worked night and day on the phone trying to promote a company was with them six months never received a dime! Why because the leads that the executives and my mentors were sending me leads that were already worked to death! Kante I wish you all the best and hope to talk to you again!
kante001 Premium
Hello Pottsy55,
I think WA can be the right business for you. You will have to do the training and work though.
I wish you lots of luck in your business.
Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
spurway Premium
Hello Wilbert
thank you for the follow back! It is a pleasure to connect with you.
I love meeting and connecting with all this great and open minded people here
Cheers Sylvia
FTurner8032 Premium
Welcome to Premium. You have just opened a door to a whole new world of wonderful possibilities. Good Luck.
Saidako Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. I hope your dreams will come true. I followed you so if you need anything let me know.
To your success.

madelainelee Premium
Hello! Welcome to premium! :) If you give yourself TIME you truly can make it! I'm wishing you a mountain of success! Feel free to PM me anytime with questions!
Best Wishes
azmod Premium
Thank you for the follow and I wish you great health and success in all you do;-)
With-Kev Premium
Hi Wilbert, thanks for following me. Pleased to be part of your network. Cheers Kev.
AlexiaMCuffy Premium
Thanks for the follow!
AlexiaMCuffy Premium
I'm glad you made it!

It's Alexia from Wealthy Affiliate

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium! From now on you have great access to all the benefits that comes with Wealthy Affiliate, and I am very happy for you, that you made it so far. Guess what you aren't finish yet and have a lot more to do. So get started!

I just want to say congratulations, and enjoy the journey/ride to success and a successful life/future.

Thank you

SZev Premium
Hi Wilbert - Welcome aboard! Best of luck to you...
AnthonyMLM Premium
Congratulations on making the move to go premium, I hop you find everything you're looking for inside WA. Great community & support I appreciate the follow to see what I'm doing in here to help others. Best wishes.
KenPe Premium
Hi kante - Welcome to our little group and congrats on going Premium. Good Luck. Thanks - Ken
FilichiaT Premium
Congratulations on going premium, enjoy the training.
JudeP Premium
Welcome to a great community of friendly people who will always try to help. Good luck in all that you do :)
Mac01 Premium
Congrats on going Premium! All the best going forward. Let me know if you need any assistance with your online business.
Thomas :)
seanlaw Premium
Hi, Welcome to WA.

Glad you have made the right choice to change your life, on taken the first step to go premium and closer to financial independence, and believe in yourself.

Here at Wealthy Affiliates, you will find everything you need to know and learn to start your own online business, and there are lots of other affiliate programs into internet marketing you can reference and learn from.

Be open-minded, and be prepared to share within the community.

Learned as much, ask as much and use these knowledge to understand, and your wisdom to decide what is best for your internet business.

Everyone here wants to succeed, let's help one another.

Best Wishes to Your Endeavors, and "May the Success be with you."

Sirio Premium
Hi there,

I am a premium member now for nearly a year and I don't regret it! If you really want to reach your goals, you will!

During this year I built this website -> movie-reviewz.com

Just go on with the courses, that's the best basis you can get.

If you want you can check out some of my training too ;)


In the mean time, keep it going!
Cynthiah1 Premium
Hi Wilbert and thanks for following me.Much success and many blessings to you.
MPollock Premium
Hi and thanks for the follow,
Keep up the great work.
OddHelgeH Premium
Keep up the good work Wilbert, and thank you for following me. See you around in here :-)
Kyle Premium
Wilbert, I see you are making some good progress through the Affiliate Bootcamp. Just wanted to pop by and see if you need a hand with anything?

I also wanted to mention the success rates of Bootcamp. Absolutely everyone that has taken action on all of the phases of Bootcamp has a business that is generating consistent income online. MANY of these folks are going to be at our super affiliate conference next year.

I want this to be you and I want you to succeed with your promotions. So, please promise me that if you ever need a hand or feel stuck as you move forward, that you will get in touch with me!

Trust me, I know things can be a little overwhelming sometimes and I don't want you feeling like that.

Anyways, just checking in. Get back at me if you need anything Wilbert.
WillSucceed Premium
Hello Wilbert, thanks for the follow.
My best wishes for you.
JasRaj Premium
Hi Kante001
Thanx for following me
Best of luck
Compsol99 Premium
Thank you very much for following me! Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. If you get a chance check out how the training helped me to build my websites. My latest one on how to boost your retirement income just went live last week and the one on sleep apnea has been up for a couple of months now. You can find the links on my profile page. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
Mike-Writes Premium
Congratulations, Wilbert, you've made a great decision by going premium.
Also, thanks for the follow, it is much appreciated.
Wish you all the best with WA!
~ Mike
upsgirl Premium
Welcome to Premium Membership! You made a wise decision to invest in your online businesses! We're always here for you so if you need anything, just ask! Again, CONGRATS!
mullernz Premium
Congratulations on going premium.

It is awesome to see you make the decision to change your life and for believing in yourself by taking your first steps to financial independence. Good luck and all the best.

PjGermain Premium
Hi Wilbert and thanks for the follow. I'm following you back! Great to connect with you.

Best Wishes!
wagreatstuff Premium
Hi, you just make another important decision on your road to financial freedom. Congrats and welcome to Premium.
kante001 Premium
I hope WA can help me with my business
wagreatstuff Premium
Well, you have to work hard on what you learned here. It is not a get rich scheme! But yes, WA can help you.
kante001 Premium
Thank you. I am not looking for a get rich fast scheme.
wagreatstuff Premium
Yup, I know..was just kidding :-)
Kyle Premium
How are things going today? Just wanted to pop in to see how things are going with you thus far and how your website/niche is coming along.

Hope you are rocking it Wilbert and of course (and as always) I am in your corner if you ever need anything!

PS. Today is my last day for Premium bonuses, if you are interested in getting them make sure you upgrade today.
Kyle Premium
Hey Wilbert,

I forgot to mention the other day that I am going to still be offering you my awesome bonuses if you join within the next 4 days.

Here are the bonuses that you are going to be getting:

(1) You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19)
(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there. Where else can you access the CEO of the company for help?
(3) I am going to be giving you my "Diamond Traffic Bonus". This is going to show you how I walk into absolutely any niche and get unlimited traffic.

But only if you join in the next 4 days (this is what I call my "action takers" bonus).

Anyways, just wanted to mention this. Hope your training is going well Wilbert and Reply to this if you do have any “pending” questions. :)

Kyle Premium
Here we are, 10 days into your experience at WA. :)

I hope things are going well Wilbert! I want to remind you of one thing, your hard work and dedication IS going to pay off. Keep working through the training, communicating within the community, and of course, ask for help when you need it.

Just heading out for a bit here, but do leave me a message if you need a hand with anything. You should have Premium communication back for an additional 7 days now, so hit me up when you get a chance Wilbert!
Kyle Premium
What's going on Wilbert? Hope you have had an awesome week here at WA and you are making some good progress. Drop me a note "reply" if you need a hand with anything. :)
Incognito007 Premium
Hey Wilbert, just wanted to pop back and see how you are doing. I noticed that you haven't quite set-up your account yet, just wanted to let you know there is a video on how to do this if there is any confusion.


Setting up your account will lead to much better help here within the community as people feel like they can connect with you better (with an image and a description)

Just wanted to make sure that all was good and if you do need a hand with anything, just let me know! :)
Incognito007 Premium
Hey there Wilbert,

I am Tanguy, the owner of HowToGetRef.com. I'm really glad to see that you accepted my invitation and joined this wonderful site!

You are now ready to start learning how to create an online income.
And I am here to help you along the way! :)

But first, allow me to personally welcome you to our Wealthy Affiliate family, you have made a wise decision to try out the program and if you use it wisely within the next few days you will learn a lot of new things and you will also meet some wonderful people that will not hesitate to help you!

CONGRATULATION for this! You deserve a virtual high-five!

Absolutely everything you need to start, create, and grow a successful business online is included at Wealthy Affiliate. When I started, I must admit that I was quite worried as I had no experience but look they really made it easy-peasy: Choose an Interest, Build a Website, Attract Visitors... and Ka-Ching! Earn Revenue.

Looks cool right? Well, I have a good news for you: Your journey starts now.
Here are 3 quick steps to get started:

1) Create your personal profile by adding an image and a few words about yourself! You'll get way more help and support from others here within the community if you have an image and description! ;)

2) You can stay on as a Starter member as long as you like, there is absolutely no pressure to change your status. But if you would you love to instantly unlock access and discover all the tools and proven systems to boost your results then you will love this amazing offer: if you become a Premium member right now, you will qualify for a 59% discount on the first month (only $19)!

Hurry up as this "action taker" bonus is only available for 7 days:

3) I strongly advise you to head over to the "Get Started Here" section of Wealthy Affiliate as soon as possible to learn how to build an online business and start earning some decent money on autopilot.

Click below to get started right away:

Anyways, thought I would just introduce myself and let you know that if you have any questions going forward Wilbert, I am here and I am available. :)

Wonderful to have you as part of the community here at WA, I know you are going to love it!