14 day's in!

Last Update: May 11, 2016

I can't believe how much i have done in 2 weeks! Its simply amazing! I have a small website with a amazon associates program (which has had 11 clicks) I also haven't given it my all as been spending a lot of time playing with my son but I do think I reached my target of 14 hours a week. I am really enjoying myself and I am loving writing which is a very big surprise. I am dyslexic and my mother worked extremely hard to help me when I was younger (forced me to do spelling and reading on a daily basis) I use my own font and then paste my work into my website. I am so excited to see what the program can offer me in the future and to develop my skills further.

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BlueMarlbeMan Premium
Amazing story. It is really motivational. It is inspiring me to step up my game. Keep developing those skills!
Jkuik Premium
Congratulations! I am happy for you! Stay motivated. At that rate you'll be generating income in no time. As always if you ever need help with anything, just ask.
You're right, this whole community and website building is awesome! If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything!
GailKing1 Premium
That is AWESOME! I haven't even got as far as you - mostly because I'm developing out about 4 different sites, LOL. But to have some click-through's is a great accomplishment. I wish you the very best. If you need any help for any reason, the community here at WA is the very best.
Be blessed with success! :)
KVickery Premium
Thank you so much. I know it was hard to stay focused on just one lol.